Monday, July 24, 2017

A Happy Sunday

It has been a while since i metup with my friend from my home Church.  Saturday night, i called up my friend J to arrange to go for service together.  The first thing my friend ask me was is my mum ok to be at home alone.  Ok lah, my mum is alright to be at home, she won't open the door and wander off.  As friend got a lift from a friend, so we arrange to meet at the Church lobby.

After the service, we met up with a couple D and E to go for lunch.  We went to the Food Court at the MRT station for our lunch and also chit chat.  Had yong tau foo, as my friends, they are not blogger, so i am the only one taking picture of the food.  I paiseh to arrange nicely and also have a quick take of picture.

It comes with a bowl of soup

After lunch, D & E went to the nearby supermarket whereby J went gym and i went back for a short rest before going for the 5pm Sunday at the Park.


  1. Glad that your mum is very obedient. My mum can;t walk at all, but my late dad was a problem. He would get up and go here and there but he was too weak and would fall and he would get angry when we tried to stop him, so stressful taking care of him - somebody had to be around 24 hours!

    1. Same with my friend who share her problem, her mum can't walk, they got a maid, but the mum feels insecure, need to have someone to be around 24 hours...

  2. Happy to know that you had a happy Sunday :)

  3. It is good that you can meet up with friends for meals and chit chat. Have a beautiful day!

  4. Great to catch up with your friends once a while.

  5. You mum is still mentally alert and that is very good.


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