Friday, July 7, 2017

Random Post

Incident 1
During Friday Breakfast @ PPHCSC (23rd June), Uncle Choo was there, he was mentioning that after the breakfast, he's going to see the doctor at Polyclinic due to his leg problem.

On 30th June, during the breakfast, he was there too, he mention he's going for an operation the next day, which is (1st July) at Singapore General Hospital.

2nd July, while waiting for the transport to the church, his son was there, so i ask his son, how's your dad, reply from his son, his younger brother (Uncle Choo has two sons) and Uncle Choo see wrong date, should be in August. 

This morning (7th July), Uncle Choo was not at the PPHCSC breakfast, his son was there, ask his son, his son said Uncle Choo went to the hospital (should be Ng Teng Foong Hospital as the other time he was admitted there) for follow up to do blood test.

Incident 2
On Monday, i went for my workout, before the start of the workout, i have a habit of going to the ladies.  I was at the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, the toilet at the MRT Station, Cleaning in Progress.  It so happen saw the cleaner and she mention that near the Japanese Restaurant at Xchange, there's also toilet.  So i walk to Xchange.  I walk over to a eatery place and ask the service staff.

Me : Where's the Ladies?
Service Staff : My first day here, i do no know (In my heart, u need to use the toilet, u do not know where's the toilet)
Me : Toilet
Service Staff : Walk straight and turn left

So to said, next time i want to ask for direction, i have to use toilet, or i use the wrong word, Ladies? hehe...

Incident 3

The Social Worker came with a bottle of Enercal Plus, for my mum, he's not too sure from who.  But then my mum does not want to drink, haiz... My mum told him, why not you take it back home to drink it.  He reply he's not suppose to bring back, and whatever he brings to the elderly, he has to record it down.  Looks like i have to finish the bottle, since my mum doesn't want to drink it.

Earlier on, he brought a packet of Adult diaper for my mum, compliment from who, he not too sure.  Have been trying to persuade my mum to wear it when she goes out, but she doesn't want, haiz....


  1. My parents drink that Enercal milk every day.

  2. Enercal milk will be good for your mom if she is willing to drink it. But if she doesn't then it will be good for you too.

  3. My dad drank Enercal last time when he was recovering from surgery. It's very nutritious.

  4. Have a wonderful week Sharon

  5. So nice of the social worker to bring these. My mum used to drink enercal and use Tena too. I guess these are the two most popular brands.

    1. I know of another brand Ensure as my late Auntie (my mum eldest sister) used to drink that...


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