Friday, July 1, 2016

Kok Fah Technology Farm Pte Ltd

(1) Didn't know about this place, Kok Fah Technology Farm Pte Ltd till the other time went SPCA and saw along the road there's sign showing the way to this place.  Their weekend retail farm operates only on weekend and public holiday from 9am to 5pm.  Best to have own transport to go there as, if one takes public transport, the bus will stop along the main road, and one have to walk a long distance into the farm.

(2) From the entrance into the farm, saw plants, but i can only see and not buying as i do not have green fingers, the plants will go heaven if i were to buy it, so best for me is not to harm the plants by buying it.

(3) Since i'm not buying any plants, just look around the plants and take pictures of it as don't think i will come often.

(4) more plants

(5) and more plants

(6) and many more

(7) Seldom that i get to get white hibiscus as usually i see is the red one

(8) Onions, garlic, etc

(9) Vegetables

(10) Carrots

(11) Vegetables

(12) Corns

(13) Mountain tortoise me, first time seeing such big chilli as usually see is the small one.

(14) Banana

(15) Then saw an area which caught my attention and walk out to see, saw growing of vegetables there.

(16) Then there came a monkey, wanted to take picture of the monkey, but it could not stand or sit still, so snap while the monkey eating the vegetables.

(17) Aloe vera

(18) Guess this should be a dormitory as saw clothes handing there

(19) Papaya plant

(20) Random Picture

(21) Lady fingers

(22) Pond

(23) Coconuts

(24) More Aloe Vera plants

(25) Ducks

(26) Stood in front of the bird, lucky the bird didn't "scream" at me, haha....

(27) Parrot

(28) Cute doggy

(29) They also sell items like rices, maggi mee, oil etc

(30) Dries item like dries shrimps, etc

(31) Carrot, bitter gourd, etc

(32) Guava

(33) Saw selling of biscuits in another corner, control my buying, if not, i will sure eat non stop, hehe...

(34) Koi fishes

(35) Honey Aloe Vera @ $2

(36) Aloe Vera Ice Jelly @ $2.50

Kok Fah Technology Farm Pte Ltd
18 Sungei Tengah Road
Singapore 698874

Tel : 6765 6629
Fax : 6765 6619

Email :


  1. Ooooo....I'm green...with envy! Everything I plant dies. Sobsssss!!!!!

    1. Same here, if i plant, everything dies too...

  2. Wah, this place, greens lover sure will love this place.

  3. Wow, I like shopping in this farm leh, I can spot a few things I can buy to boil my soup already.. Lots of things can buy here leh..

    1. If not a distance away, i can go often to buy there...

  4. So cute the momkey hee..hee... I will be very happy visiting this farm because I love plants! Also can buy fresh vegetables.

    1. Only that the monkey can't stand still to let me take picture, hehe...

  5. Ooh! I love this place. So many baby plants to tempt me. I love corn and bananas. Ha ha I love monkeys, parrot and cute puppy! After all the walking around the farm, the aloe vera drink and jelly to quench and cool you down.

    1. I loves the monkey, parrot and puppy too, hehe...

  6. I thought will see some high tech planting methods on display here, but... seems like just a very big veggie and fruits farm. What so "technology" about this place?

  7. When I scrolled down the pictures, I know Nancy will like all this post! hahahaa..

  8. Wow! I would like to go to this farm.

  9. 好想要买一些盆栽回家摆放哟!

    1. If i have green fingers, i will buy too...

  10. I have never seen a monkey eat cute. ^.^

    1. Same here, this is my first time see monkey eat vegetables...


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