Friday, July 8, 2016

The Green Corridor (Part 3)

Made another trip to the Green Corridor wanting to end my walk till Silat Road, wanted to go in the morning, but due to the bad weather, can't go and have to wait till the rain stop, till then, it's afternoon already.

(1) Started my walk from where i stop the other time, which i enter from Holland area, from the entrance, to my right, there's a contraction going on.

(2) The path

(3) Passed by an overhead bridge

(4) Due to the rain earlier on, some area of the soil is muddy

(5) HDB flats

(6) Drain

(7) Above is road for vehicle

(8) Passed by The Metropolis

(9) Path

(10) Path

(11) Tree

(12) Flats in Tanglin Halt area that has been en-bloc

(13) Tanglin Halt area

(14) Back of a Catholic Church, Blessed Sacrament Church

(15) A guy who was riding on his bicycle stops by there, and told me that one side of it is used for Hindu worshipping, and the other side of it, used to be quarters for KTM staffs.

(16) Mentioning about this grass, i thought i could exit from here as i understand, if go Silat Road, the distance, said long is not long, said short is not short from the GPS i saw from my hp, and i worry about the time, as night, no lamp post,  so i tried my luck, but then, looks like no way out for me, then there came a Mr Ang Moh from behind, he told me could get out from there as he ever got out from there, and he will give me a hand.  Thanks to this kind Mr Samaritan, if  not, i will be helpless.

(17) This is where i got out

(18) Took a bus from here to get back


  1. Lovely place, so natural...unlike most of the city centre.

  2. Sharon, you are very brave going for the walk on your own. The place looks so quiet. So kind of the Mr Ang Moh to help you out of the place. Have a great weekend!

    1. Not much people... Ya, kind of him to offer help...

  3. You are so brave to venture along. Such a secluded area. Not a single people there. Glad you bumped into kind people.

  4. It looks so isolated and you are so brave to go there alone.

  5. 我喜歡這種大自然氣息的地方!整個人都感覺格外舒服!

    1. Hi 5, me also loves this kind of places, hehe...

  6. Nice place. You are really motivating me to pick up walking. ^.^

    1. Nowadays i try not to be lazy, so walk here walk there for exercise, hehe...


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