Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Kin Yan Agrotech Pte Ltd

Another place i have plan to visit is Kin Yan Agrotech Pte Ltd at Neo Tiew Crescent.  There's a bus no. 925 which goes there on Sunday and Public Holiday.  Monday to Saturday, bus no. 925 operates on another route.

(1) Upon reaching, was wondering if was in the right place as the wording in the signboard was not very visible.

(2) The plant that greets you when you enter are the aloe vera plants.

(3) Saw banana

(4) Catus

(5) Pea Sprouts in the midst of growing

(6) Pea Sprouts

(7) Close up of the Pea Sprouts

(8) Wheatgrass

(9) Wheatgrass in the midst of growing

(10) Me too short, can't take more wheatgrass picture

(11) Vegetables

(12) Catus

(13) Roselle

(14) Bought the above Nutri Mushroom Noodle @ $3.50, i bought once, during a roadshow, quite like it, but after that, i went looking for it in the shop, was told they only sell the above noodle in their Neo Tiew farm.

(15) Aloe Vera Herbal Jelly @ $2.80

(16)) Organic chestnut @ $1.60

Kin Yan Agrotech Pte Ltd
220 Neo Tiew Crescent
Singapore 718830
Tel : 6794 8368
Fax : 6794 8372
Email : enquiry@farm.com.sg


  1. I love those chestnuts. Why you did not buy for me? And the cannot-buy-elsewhere noodles too? LOL!!!

    1. What a miss, didn't know that you love chestnuts, hehe....

  2. The vegetables look so healthy. I love aloe vera jelly and chestnuts.

  3. Very nice. I like looking at plants.

  4. Interesting place to visit where vegetables are grown.. Should buy some vege from there, fresh and nice..

  5. You really got a lot of lobang! I didn't know got such a place in Singapore. Lol Looks so natural over there !

    1. I got to know about it from the website http://kranjicountryside.com, hehe...

  6. Awww..this is a nice place to go to. I would love to come here one day. You are definitely the person to ask for places to visit in Singapore.

    1. If you coming Singapore, don't forget to let me know, would loves to meet you...


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