Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Green Corridor (Part 5 - Last part)

(1) Archive photo - The first time i walk the Green Corridor, i exit at the above point and it leads me to Beauty World Centre.

(2) Archive photo -The second time i walk the Green Corridor, i started from the above point, which is Bukit Timah Road.

(3) In between, there is still a path which i have not walk, so after my meal from the previous post, i took a bus (not walk, as don't think i have the strength to walk the whole stretch) to the second point there and start my walk.  Passed by some beautiful private house.

(4) The path

(5) Pass by shop houses

(6) Path

(7) Railway track

(8) Above picture, the road will lead to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

(9) Above path is after the railway track, but i decided not to walk any further, since the journey to the first exit is not very far.

(10) I dare not walk down this exit, scare fall from it

(11) Instead, i exit from the above

(12) Random Picture


  1. Still there? This must be a really big place!

  2. Replies
    1. I like to go places that i never been before to explore, hehe...

  3. Walk and walk.. after that, can eat more to replenish back the energy!

  4. 會多人走嗎?好像很靜呢…

  5. This place looks very serene and quiet....

  6. You have been walking so much!! You must be very thin now. Good exercise and I must start walking now.


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