Monday, November 3, 2014

New Lucky Claypot Rice

Usually i hardly cook and most of my meals are settle outside.

Was passing by this stall and decided to try out their Claypot Rice

After paying for the food, was given a number, the waiting time is around 20 min.

Black sauce and oil

$10 for this claypot rice for 2

New Lucky Claypot Rice
Holland Drive Market & Food Centre
44 Holland Drive
Singapore 270044

Opening Hours :
11.30am ~ 1.30pm
5.00pm ~ 8.30pm
Closed on Wed


  1. Over here they added the sauces for you so when your claypot comes, it will be in black and you got to mix it well.

    I love claypot rice. Chicken or pork would do.

  2. I love claypot rice too..Especially chicken rice.. There's a shop here near my mum's place which sells the best claypot chicken rice on earth, miss it, now I'm hungry thinking about it already!

  3. Not really a fan of claypot. hehe. Enjoy your meal! ☺️

  4. I love that...with dark stewed pork sauce, lap cheong, salted fish and all. Never seen a white one like this.

  5. hmmm, so the claypot rice is SG is slightly different.. over here, the sauce is already mixed in for us..

    I like claypot chicken rice, but not really the chicken, hehe!! :p

  6. Rose

    Usually they will add in, first time, they give u the sauce to add in ownself...

    Princess Ribbon

    Hearing you mention makes me crave for it again, hehe....


    haha... Me once in a blue moon will crave for it... hehe...


    The ingredients u mention makes me crave for it again, hehe...


    So far, this is the first time, i eat, the sauce, we put ourselves, usually, the sauces already mixed in for us...

  7. Claypot Rice here normally with 黑酱油, its dark colour ^^

  8. Good morning Sharon
    That's good, you can mix your own flavours with the black sauce and oil!

  9. i want i want...hmm maybe cook this for dinner

  10. Uiks! The claypot rice so pale. Have to own self put the black sauce.

  11. Grace

    So far, the stall i eat before, the sauce in it, only this stall different, let customers put the sauce themselves...


    Good afternoon...

    Something different ya...

    Small Kucing

    Don't forget about me after you cook ya, keke...


    Don't mention...

    Phong Hong

    First time i eat, have to put sauce myself, hehe...

  12. Seldom go Holland Dr but heard the fish head noodles quite famous around there.

  13. So I guess you have to add in your own soy sauce. It has been a long time since I last ate claypot chicken... nice if got wine too!

  14. 原来酱油是自己加的哦?我们这里都是已经淋上的呢~

  15. Chris

    I don't go there often...


    1st time, i eat have to add on my own, as usually, it's already added...


    Usually it's already added, this is the 1st time, i eat which i have to add on my own..


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