Thursday, November 27, 2014

Subaru Challenge ~ The Asian Face-Off (Day 4 - 11th November 2014)

I was there on the 4th day of the challenge, my purpose of going there is to see whose the winner for this year Subaru Challenge.

When i reach there, Kacang and one-armed runner Adam Kamis was still in the challenge.

It was a rainy day on that day

Mr Desmond Ho, who has been in the challenge for the 11th time, and this is the last time, he will be at the challenge, being looked on by Marshalls & Uncle Paul.

Adam Kamis being photographed/interviewed after he drop out of the challenge.  On the right is his mum.  On the left is a contestant from Cambodia.  I manage to chat with him.  He was telling me he was in the challenge for 28 hours, during the every 6 hours break, he eat 3 bananas which makes him hungry the next day.

Again, i played in the public challenge and stand for 1 1/2 hour and got myself a screen wiper, can use it to wipe my computer at home.

Channelnewsasia reporter is there to do a report on the Suburu Challenge.

The only lady who's still there in the challenge

Supporters, family members and members of the public looking on

When i left at around 9.30pm, there's still 5 contestants who's still there, 4 Singaporean and 1 Malaysian.

This year, the winner is 49-year-old Mr G Jaishanker, whose timing is 82 hours & 16 minutes & 58 seconds.


  1. Wow 82 hours! I dont think I can stand there for so long, not even 1 hour I think, under the sun & rain..

  2. LOL, his hands can still be used?

  3. Princess Ribbon

    Don't think i can also, some more the challenge, they are strict...


    If i join, sure very fast come out liao...


    Should be numb liao...

  4. it really needs a lot of determination and will power to join and not to mention be (one of) the winner!! salute!! :)

  5. wah standing there for 4 days. salute leh

  6. Somehow I don't quite agreed with this event. Just for a car, the participants sacrificed their health..

  7. Oh standing there the longest will win a car? At first i dint understand what challenge... So geng!!

  8. My goodness, I cannot tahan like that hee..hee..

  9. Congrats! Really an endurance game. I dont think I can survive for a day! Kudos to the lady competitor.

  10. Good morning Sharon,
    Happy weekend

  11. SK

    Yes, you are right...

    Small Kucing

    Me also salute...


    But still have people continue to join every year...


    Yes, standing there with the palm on the car for the longest time, win the car...

    Phong Hong

    Me also cannot tahan, hehe...


    Me too, hehe...


    Good morning... Enjoy your weekend ya...

  12. Hi Sharon, I salute to all the stand there for so long. Congrats to you for winner the wiper. Sharon, please remember to follow me in my Followers Box. Thank you.

  13. Nancy

    Good morning Nancy... Not easy also for them to stand there for so long...


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