Saturday, November 15, 2014

Winner of Subaru Challenge 2011 - Mr Chong Kait Chi

I would like to dedicated this post to Mr Chong Kait Chi, the winner of  2011 Subaru Challenge ~ The Asian Face-Off.

I got to know him during the recent Subaru Challenge 2014 held in Ngee Ann Civil Plaza.  A very friendly guy, too bad didn't take picture with him.

Below pictures are taken during the challenge in 2011. 

Palm on the car

Looking on to family members and friends who are there supporting him

Doing some stretching during the 5 minutes break

Hanging on there

With cameras looking on

Mr Glenn Tan, Group Chief Executive of Motor Image Group, giving Mr Chong KC a pat on the shoulder after he was crown the winner for the 2011 challenge.

Photographer taking pictures

Photographers taking pictures, so i can only stand in another corner looking on

Mr Chong timing : 75 hours 36 mins 7 secs


  1. I heard that Adam Kamis dropped out because of misunderstanding...

    But he was gracious in accepting his defeat.

  2. congratulations to Mr Chong Kait Chi..

  3. 2011? That was so long ago?

  4. Congrats to Mr. Chong.. I've never won anything big in my life.. Errr no need to win a car, if can strike numbers enuff already, hehe..

  5. Lina

    I was there the day he dropped out, but i was walking about, only when he's out, then saw him out there, but the reports from website mention he scratched his nose...

    I saluted him for that...


    Thank you on behalf of Mr Chong...


    Yes, 3 years ago...

    Princess Ribbon

    Thank you on behalf of Mr Chong...

    If you ask me to join this, i sure will be out very fast, i can only take part in the public challenge, hehe...


    I give him my word, i will blog about it, so have to keep my word...

  6. wahhh... winning a nice.. but it must be really challenging!

  7. family support is very important indeed!

  8. ahahha...somehow I don't quite like this contest. It's too taxing on the body.

  9. What a tough and lucky fella! Salute him!

  10. Rose

    I gave my word that i will blog about it, so have to keep my word...


    But also not easy and like what you mention, challenging...


    Yes, it is...


    And no sleep for a few days...

    Twilight Man

    Not easy to do it...


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