Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Subaru Challenge ~ The Asian Face-Off (Day 1 - 8th November 2014)

Subaru Challenge is back for the 13th year at Ngee Ann Civil Plaza.  Started at 1pm on 8th November.

Banner indicating the countries of those contestants from

Briefing time

Glenn Ong, DJ from Class 95

Contestants from Indonesia

This lady, Ms Analiza Mokhtar, this year is the 8th year that she has taken part in the challenge.

Contestants from Cambodia

Before the start of the challenge

Getting ready to start

One of the contestants Adam Kamis

Contestants have to place their palms on the car, the lady/guy whose hand is placed there the longest get to win a Subaru car.

First Aid

Public challenge for the public to place their palm there and they get to walk away with prize, depending on the time they place their palm there.

Cute Mascot along Orchard Road

The stage

Preparing in progress for the 7pm break

Public watching the challenge from outside the barrier

Since i was there, i went to take part in the public challenge and got myself a bear, which means i have to stand there and place my palm in the car for 2 hours.


  1. Can sleep or not, hand on the car?

  2. Palms on the car for 2 hours, ok or not? If not under the sun I think ok kua, but if under the sun maybe I pengsan already.. *swt*

  3. oh, an interesting event that is.. and you also took part and won yourself a very cute teddy bear!! :)

  4. Suituapui

    Nope, cannot sleep, maybe doze off, but palm have to be always there...

    Princess Ribbon

    So far ok, as for public challenge, they are not that strict...


    Ya, in the public challenge but not the actual one, if not, i will like what Princess Ribbon mention, pengsan liao, hehe...

  5. Good morning Sharon,
    this contest really test your patience! Good job!

  6. Interesting! Even I want to take the challenge!

  7. Oh my goodness! Just stand there and put palm on the car. If want to go to toilet how ah? You did it for two hours. Tired or not?

  8. You joined for two hours! Wow!

  9. Elaine

    Good afternoon... Yes, it is...


    Maybe consider take part next year, hehe...

    Phong Hong

    Only during the break every 6 hours, then can go toilet...

    So far ok...


    Public Challenge not so strict, so still ok...

  10. If not mistaken we did have it once in Malaysia many years ago. Display in Sungei Wang, KL. Heard about it through radio.

    Last time while I were working as an A&P, we organised a longest staying contestant in a car one year. Very interesting but high endurance competition.

  11. Wow, 2hours, that's quite long, plus is under hot sun, can imagine the surface of the car is even hotter than the usual!!!

  12. LOL! so you just wasted two hours of your life standing in front of a car ?!

  13. Rose

    If i am not wrong, they will have a challenge at the country, then choose 10 to come to Singapore for the challenge...


    Mine is nothing compare to those in the challenge, as not only the sun, but the rain...


    haha... lol...


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