Thursday, November 13, 2014

IT Roo Cafe (23th Oct 2014)

After Catherine pick me up at Bukit Indah, she drive me around sightseeing for a while before we proceed to IT Roo Cafe for lunch.  I have ask Catherine sometimes back when i saw her posted in FB a cafe called Just Coffee and has ask her to bring me there.  But as Catherine has something to attend to in the late afternoon and the place is quite a distance away, we didn't go there.


Ask Catherine how she came to know about this place, she replied that she drove pass and saw this place.

It's located in the corner along some shophouses, it started to rain when we were there.

The decorations inside the shop

I had an Ice Lemon Tea

Chicken Chop

Cake which Catherine & her daughter bought

The side of the shop

Address : 17 Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Thanks to Catherine for the Birthday treat and cake.


  1. The place looks crowded, many people.. Means the food is good and price ok kua.. I like the chicken chop, I will usually order chicken chop too, love it especially if its flooding with gravy..

  2. Wahhhhh!!!! So many people, food must be good. Chicken chop with mushroom gravy - I like the gravy like this, in a darker shade. Some that I've seen lately - so pale and white.

  3. I like the look of the chicken chop. And nice cake too.

  4. haha, what an interesting name of the shop.. IT Roo, IT stands for "Information Technology"?? haha..

  5. the cakes look good but I think they seem to be some cakes just bought from somewhere and sold in the cafe huh??

  6. Good morning Sharon,
    Must be yummy chicken chop with mushroom sauce....

  7. Princess Ribbon

    When we went, the shop not open yet, but people already waiting outside for it to open...

    If i eat Western food, chicken chop will be my choice too...


    Full house that day, and people waiting outside too... Maybe also it's a Public Holiday that day...


    Yes, and also most of the table i see, ordered the chicken chop... The cake from this cake shop, i find not bad...


    Ya lor, interesting name ya, hehe...

    The cake is bought from somewhere else, hehe...


    Good morning Elaine...

    Yes, it's yummy yummy...

  8. Must be a very famous place tgere coz i see so many people eating there

  9. Read about this Hainanese coffee and chicken chop place on many JB friends' FB. Every time we wanted to try while in JB but then some other food caught our attention. haha....

  10. Chicken chop must be good, the gravy looks yummy to me!

  11. For chicken chop I like the Hainanese style with tomato sauce :)

  12. Small Kucing

    Full house there...

    East Coast Life

    Too many choices of foods, can't try all ya... hehe...


    It's good...

    Phong Hong

    Hainanese style with tomato sauce is nice too ya...

  13. The desserts are very tempting

  14. I love lemon iced tea, and yours looks really good!

  15. 是不是Just Want Coffee?我印象中有聼過呢~

  16. Grace

    Me too...


    Ice Lemon Tea is one of the drink i like too...hehe...


    Yes!!! Yes!!! That's the one, hehe...

  17. Wah! You come to JB so often! Good that you help our ailing economy and spend money here. Wakakakaka

  18. Nancy

    It's nice...

    Twilight Man

    I should plan a trip to KL and look for you, kakaka....


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