Thursday, November 20, 2014

I love Singapore Walk (15th November 2014)

The last I Love Singapore Walk i went to was in 2010, i did not go to the one in 2012 as my friend did not go and i was not informed about the event.

It was supposed to start at 7am, but after some delays, the walk starts at around 8am.

The stage

Emcees for the day is Darren Lim and Evelyn Tan, they are husband and wife and has 4 kids.

Doing some warm up before the start of the walk, i was quite a distance away from the stage, so didn't take much pictures.

Flagging off the event is Guest-of-Honour Mdm Halimah Yacob, Speaker of Parliament, Member of Parliament, Jurong GRC.

Only took a few pictures during the walk as do not want to take up much time of my friend.


  1. Wah while walking still can take pictures.. If me ahh, I panting non stop and my hands so sticky liao to even hold my camera.. hehe..

  2. Nice wor....just like sk posted. Take timw to enjoy the view

  3. wow, what a patriotic event and also a patriotic Sharon!! and I think it's a great event, everyone can take time to enjoy the beauty of Singapore huh?? :)

  4. Good morning Sharon,
    I loved heritage walk and maybe one day join you in Singapore for one.... any free heritage walk available ?

  5. Walking is good and this is a good event to take part in.

  6. Nice walk! Quite similar to the one I did last month.

  7. Good Afternoon Sharon

    Weather so hot here and I am having headache.

  8. I LOVE SINGAPORE too! I would join in for this walk too and admire the buildings. Lucky you to live in that lovely island.

  9. You should walk everyday and zumba on the streets too! Healthy! Muahahaha

  10. SK

    That time a lot of people, so can't walk too fast, so still ok, hehe...



    Small Kucing

    Ya lor, if i busy taking pictures, i won't be able to enjoy the view ya...


    And also i enjoy the walk, hehe...


    Good afternoon...

    Should have...

    Phong Hong

    Yes, it is...


    It is...


    Oh yes, i still remember it as saw the pictures in FB, hehe...

    Twilight Man

    Good afternoon... Morning, hot, after rain, now stop liao...

    Thank you for the compliment... :)

    hahaha... Just nice, that day, the warm up is Zumba, kakaka...

  11. Looks like an interesting event!

  12. Wow! You also into walkaton? Many of my friends into marathon, walkathon etc. Maybe I could join when my kids are bigger and get them do together too. ;)

  13. That's a beautiful shot of Marina Bay. I can't wake up too early haha.... too lazy.

  14. 做好热身,这样才走得没这么喘。:P

  15. That is a nice view of the event. Happy Weekend Sharon!

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  17. 一面走一面看风景,relax~ ^^

  18. Rose

    If marathon, i can't liao, will make myself malu, come in last, kaka... Walkathon better for me, hehe...

    East Coast Life

    I want to take more picture, but paiseh lor, to make other's wait for me, keke...


    You're right, hehe...


    Have a good week ahead ya... :)


    Yes, it is...


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