Friday, October 31, 2014

Ming Ang Confectionery Sdn Bhd.

If i go Johor Bahru, i will drop by this shop to buy some products back.  How i got to know this shop.  It so happen, the first time i took CW3 to JB to look for Catherine, the bus station is situated near this shop, but now, the bus station have change to another venue.  I was early that time and racky the surrounding and came to know about this shop.

I was meeting Catherine at 10.30am that day, reached Bukit Indah at around 9.30am, so i quickly rush to get some stuffs there as i wanted to go to the Shopping Centre as in the previous post to take a look if there's any decorations there.     

The front of the shop

In the process of making Tau Sar Piah

In the rack waiting to be transfer to the shelf for selling

The shop

Bought some Wife biscuits & Tau Sar Piah back home

Wanted to buy the 香饼, but was not ready yet

The back of the shop

Ming Ang Confectionery Sdn Bhd.
7, Jalan Indah 15/3,
Taman Bukit Indah,
81200 Johor Bahru


  1. Noted. Would want to drop by too if ever I hop over to JB, dunno when. :(

  2. You seems to like bukit indah a lot !!

  3. Oh love this kinda shop! Expensive?

  4. The tau sar piah and wife biscuits look very fresh. I can eat 10 wife biscuits and 20 tau sar piah !!

  5. oh I love all these traditional chinese biscuits.. they really look nice, from the color and I can imagine their taste.. guess because they are fresh from the oven..

  6. Good morning Sharon,
    These biscuits looks delicious... the heong piah my favourite.
    Have a blessed weekend.

  7. Mun

    Good morning... Suits my taste...


    Maybe a surprise visit...


    Friend stay near there, so will stop there wait for friend pickup...


    Errr, i not too sure if it's consider expensive, if convert to S$, acceptable...

    Princess Ribbon

    I loves it, but have to control eating it...


    Same here, so far, from what i see, it's fresh from the oven...


    Good morning...

    Also my favourite, hehe...

    U too have a blessed weekend...

  8. Good Afternoon Sharon.

    The weather is so warm today. Good to dry my clothes!

  9. I love that bakery shop. Did you buy anything for me to yum-yum?

  10. Hey, the tray was full before baked but half after it was baked!!!
    You ate them all?? OMG!!!!!

  11. Was the wife biscuit as good as the Hong Kong ones? I am curious.

  12. Not my favourite type of biscuits but I know many people love it!

  13. So you bought a lot?
    Pity some of it not ready yet...

  14. Twilight Man

    Good afternoon, now raining in Singapore...

    If i buy and send to you, i'm afraid you have to use spoon to eat liao, keke...

    Maybe mouse has secretly come and eat them, kaka...

    Different people have different taste, may taste good to you, but not me, taste good to me, but not you... So i better not comment about it...

    Phong Hong

    I opposite with you, i like it, hehe...


    Only a bit...

    Too bad didn't manage to buy the one that i want...

  15. Wow. Tau Sar Pau. Long time didnt eat it.

  16. Rose

    If i crave for it, usually i buy one or two to satify my craving, hehe...

  17. 我喜欢吃新鲜出炉的。热腾腾的香气,超喜欢的!

  18. Sharon,
    The word 现做,现卖means the biscuits are very fresh.
    Sure nice right?

  19. Small Kucing

    Me also like, hehe...

    Mui Mui

    Yes, it's nice, hehe...


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