Thursday, July 10, 2014

Soi 19 十九街 Wanton Mee

I have read about this Soi 19 十九街 Wanton Mee from blogs and from friend recommendation.  At first, it didn't come into my mind to go try it out as it's quite far from my place.

Bus no. 138 from Ang Mo Kio Bus Interchange goes there.  Alight at the sixth bus stop after the bus turns out from the Interchange.

The coffeeshop can be seen from the bus stop.  A lady at the coffeeshop was looking at me when i took this picture, guess she must be wondering why i am taking picture.

This is the stall

Random picture while waiting for the Wanton Mee

Wanton Mee at S$3.50. Didn't know that they put lard, if not i will ask them not to put as i do not eat lard.

The address.  Was asking the stall owner which day is their off day, the answer is no fixed day, so it's better to give them a call if wanna go down, just in case they are not open for the day.


  1. Yes, i don't eat lards too. In fact,i always go for vegetarian version when it comes to wanton mee :P

  2. So was it nice? I mean if minus the lard la since you dont like to eat.. Me terbalik, I love lard.. Must have extra especially if I eat hokkien mee.. Hehe

  3. So was it worth the trip there? I happen to love lard hah..hah..very fragrant and tasty :)

  4. Soi 19, sounds like in Thailand..

  5. so how's the wanton mee?? nice or not?? worth travelling all the way there??

  6. Never try before but amk do have lots of good food.

  7. Good morning Sharon,
    What's your verdict? I think good because got the pork lard!

  8. Good Morning Singapore Sharon~!

    The weather is cool and nice today. I guessed that you were crying so hard watching sad Korean dramas! It rained so heavily here!! Kakakaka

  9. Soi 19 is Lane 19 in Thai language but she sells Wanton Mee! Got tom Yum, soup version?

  10. Have a nice day and don't watch so much sad dramas! Later flood again in KL.

  11. Never mind... next time, can ask for the lard-free one

  12. Hello Sharon, you also very pandai cari makan leh.. hehee..

  13. I received so many recommendations about this noodle stall from my friends. Will try it one day :)

  14. Ken

    If the foods has lards, usually i put one side...

    Have yet to try vegetarian version...

    Princess Ribbon

    Yes, it's nice even without the lard...

    Phong Hong

    Yes, didn't waste my trip there, hehe...

    I opposite, i don't like lard, hehe...


    Heard that the one in Thailand is nicer...

    My opinion, nice and didn't waste my trip there..


    I also like...


    Ya, AMK lots of nice nice foods ya...


    Good evening...

    It's nice even without the lard...

    Twilight Man

    Good evening...

    Today hot weather here... Opposite with KL, kaka...

    No leh, only this wanton mee...

    You too have a nice day...


    Ya lor, if another time got go there, will tell them don't want lard...


    Lol... Since it's recommended, was tempted to try, hehe...

    East Coast Life

    Do give it a try ya... :)

  15. The word Soi reminds me of my trip to Bangkok, all lanes also use the word Soi.... :p

  16. Same as me, I don't like lard so will just leave them there uneaten - wasted on me. This wanton mee is not the dark, dark, type so I think I will like it because I don't like the dark sauce very much.

  17. Hayley

    Heard that the one in BKK is nicer than the one here...


    Both ok with me...

  18. Small Kucing

    Mention about kampua noodle makes me think about STP, lol...


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