Thursday, July 17, 2014

Rama Thai Sharksfin Restaurant

After coming back from LegoLand, went to Rama Thai Sharksfin Restaurant.  Promotion Price is S$28 per person instead of S$40 for a 7 dish dinner. (Min is 4 person)


Fresh Green Mango Thai Salad

Braised Sharksfin with Crabmeat

Smoked Duck with Seasonal Greens in Egg Roll

Baked whole Crab with vermicelli

Fried Sliced Fish with Ginkgo Nuts

Prawns & Raisins Fried Rice

Thai Authentic Dessert

Soursop Drink (Can't recall the price)

Rama Thai Sharksfin Restaurant
81 Tanjong Pagar
Singapore 088502

Tel : 6222 6626

Opening Hours :
Lunch : 11.30am ~ 2.30pm
Dinner : 6pm ~ 10pm

After adding in the cost of the drink, service charge, GST, per person cost is $40.  Overall, the foods there are not bad. 


  1. They still serve shark fins ar? No good ler.....

  2. Save the sharks!!!!!

  3. I love all the food.. Gotta be frank, altho many people now talking abt not eating sharksfins and pledging to save the sharks, many are still opting for sharksfins soup during wedding dinner.. And elderly folks prefer to have sharkfins in the wedding menu too..

  4. wah, went 出國旅行 to Legoland and come back home eating 好料!! you really enjoyed huh, Sharon, haha!!

  5. fuyoh, really nice food there leh!! i like the mango salad, the smoke duck egg roll, the crab vermicelli, prawn and raisin fried rice.. BTW, the dessert is called "tub tim krob".. :)

  6. All the dishes look good! My favourite is the mango kerabu!

  7. My fav food here is the mango salad and fish with gingko. Good price!

  8. Hayley

    That day while eating, it's didn't comes into my mind, as maybe busy chatting away...


    Ok ok...

    Princess Ribbon

    Guess elderly folks will stick to the traditional wedding menu...


    Ya lor...


    Actually that day, i called up a friend from JB, but that friend was not free, so come back SG, follow friends to eat this, hehe...

    My first time eating there, foods there not bad...

    Phong Hong

    Ya, the foods there are nice...


    Ya lor, if no promotion, will be more expensive...

  9. Never tried rama thai yet. Looks great ! Another thai food post here

  10. You and STP planned to put up Thai food ah? hahahha.. both of us on thai food today! :)
    With crabs, I guess it is this price.. but I think I cannot finish them all.. I got to share the portion with someone else.. :)

  11. Nowadays kinda hard to get sharksfin soup in wedding dinners etc and probably they would be sharksfin-ished over time.

  12. Saw only two ginkgo nuts, one for 'mun' & the other for Bananaz? haha. Probably a few more hiding behind the fish.

  13. Chris

    First time i tried here, hehe...


    hahaha... That one person can't finish, have to share it out... hehe...


    Everything, i loves, hehe...

    இ Baŋäŋaƶ இ

    Have somemore ginkgo nuts, hidden away, hehe...

  14. They all look tempting. I am hungry. Cant wait for my dinner. ;)

  15. Good Evening Miss Singapore.

    The weather is nice and warm today!

  16. Why so many shark lovers here? All wanna save the sharks and let them bite you!! Wakakakaka

    Nowadays, it is not easy to find real sharks fin in restaurants. They rather serve cheap faked ones cos you cannot taste the difference at all. The tasty part comes from the soup and crab meat.

  17. I love Thai Food! Invite me there!

  18. I love Thai foods,只因‘泰’好吃咯...

  19. Sonia

    The foods there not bad...


    All the foods there are nice...

    Twilight Man

    Good morning TM, the weather here is hot today...

    For the shark fin, my friend have be praising that it's nice...

    Pls hop over to Singapore... When ? When u coming over?


    Thai foods is one of my favourite too... hehe...

  20. Small Kucing

    U must come Singapore first, then can bring u...


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