Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Indian Rojak

This is one of the place that i like to frequent if i were in Geylang Serai are.

Now i am a bit confuse, the name of the place as above is Har Yasin, whereby the picture below shows Yassin.

The variety of the rojak

Usually, the place is packed with people, now that it's fasting month, so the place is quite empty.

Ordered 4 types of Indian rojak, tau kwa, potatoe, prawn cracker and egg coated with flour and the cost is S$4.40.

The sauce



  1. Yummy Indian rojak! Did you buy the Malay kueh kueh?

  2. Lovely but must add plenty of chilies :P

  3. I love Indian Rojak! I saw on TV some time ago about Indian Rojak in Singapore.They got put sausages also, so funny. And the sauce is served separately and the customers just dip the ingredients in the sauce and eat. I though that was strange because usually the sauce is mix up together.

  4. East Coast Life

    Bought a bit only...


    Yes, it is yummy...


    I prefer the sauce, hehe...

    Phong Hong

    Ya, they have sausage, keke... For me, i prefer the sauce separately, keke...

  5. Now I felt so hungry, long time didn't have any rojak already!! >.<

  6. I like to eat this type of rojak, especially the deep fried hard dough that tastes like coconut.

  7. 小影

    If long time no eat, will be craving for it ya, hehe...


    Oh, KL also have this type of rojak, thought the rojak is like the gado gado that i post before, hehe....

  8. I like Geylang area, Plenty of good food and happenings!! See all the old uncles there in action! Wakakaka

  9. Twilight Man

    hahaha... Old uncles further down Geylang, keke...


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