Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nasi Padang

Saw East Coast Life blog about this Nasi Padang, so last Saturday, ask her if she's free to show the way to the eatery place.

Buses that passes by there

This is the place, Restoran Garuda

Many variety of dishes to choose from, hard to choose what i want

In the end, i choose Prawns, Sambal Egg, Bergedil, it's cost $6, although the price is a bit pricey, but the foods there is nice.

A close up of the prawns

Thanks to ECL for the recommendation and showing the way.

Restoran Garuda
Address : 220 East Coast Road
Tel : 6441 0220
Opening Hours : 10.30am ~ 9pm


  1. Oooooo...I love nasi padang. Last time, the most popular (1973) was Rendezvous and Tiong Hua at Dhoby Ghaut/Bras Basah. So so so so nice!

  2. All also my favourite.. Especially the sambal egg and bergedil.. Nasi kandar places also got..hehe

  3. Looks good. Plain and simple.

  4. I like to eat the prawns. Yums! Are there cheaper nasi padang somewhere else in Singapore that is just as tasty? If not then this price should be worth it.

  5. Bananaz would go for the sotong first then prawns

  6. :O really expensive wor! that's like Rm 15! you can have a feast here at those nasi kandar stall but we do have a nasi padang here too, i heard its good but always packed with crowd

  7. I love nasi padang. I will usually choose either chicken or beef.

  8. Merryn

    Yes, the prawns is nice...


    I also loves nasi padang, but nowadays find Malay stall here sell nasi padang is not cheap...

    Princess Ribbon

    They have a lot of variety of foods to choose from, i took a long time to choose what i want as all the foods there looks good, hard to choose, hehe....


    The foods there not bad...


    Nowaday the nasi padang here not cheap...

    இ Baŋäŋaƶ இ

    At first i also want to go for the sotong, in the end, go for the prawn, hehe...


    If i go Penang, i will go for the feast, kaka...

    Phong Hong

    Usually i will go for mutton...


    Not bad the foods there...

  9. So this is nasi padang in Singapore.. my sons will like that!

  10. 你肯定是吃得心满意足的 :D

  11. Claire

    Ya, this is Nasi Padang...


    Yes!!! Yes!!!

  12. nasi padang? I thought they supposed to put all the dishes on your table and you eat whatever you want and pay for that

  13. Small Kucing

    Here they scope what u want...

  14. Glad you enjoy the food. :)
    Expensive but the delicious gravy goes well with rice.


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