Wednesday, July 30, 2014

30th July 2014

This Hup Tou Sou Cookies from Sonia is one of my bakelist to do, but lazy lah, so drag and drag till have the mood to do it.  Have shared with my friend, if not i think i will finish up all.  I have made 36 pieces using the recipe at 15g each.

Was tempted to try out Chicken Cottage Pie from Sonia blog, but i made some changes to it.  Instead of cauliflower and broccoli, i used crab stick.  Sotong me, Sonia recipe used cream of chicken, i went to the supermarket thinking it's cream of mushroom and bought a can of that, only to realise i bought wrongly when i wanted to do it. So left with no choice, i used the can of cream of mushroom.

See Small Kucing post SK card, reminds me i have not thank him for the card.  Thank you SK.


  1. That thank-you card is indeed very cute!!

  2. Both hap tou sou and cottage chicken look very good.. Really.. The hap tou sou looks crunchy and crispy.. The chicken looks creamy.. Hmm, means you dont like veggies? Same with me wor.. I will also make modifications, hehe. But will add in some greens la, for the kids..

  3. Cream of mushroom should be fine. I think I would like that more than chicken...but crab sticks? Eyewwwwww!!!!! Not a fan of those. Wouldn't it make your pies taste somewhat Asian?

  4. you baked hap tou sou and cottage pie! Cream of mushroom should be OK lah as vegetarian version. But you add crabstick for the protein part. Should be nice!

  5. Hayley

    Yes, it's very cute... :)

    Princess Ribbon

    So we same same, don't like veggies, hehe...


    Mine is i anyhow ham tam, kaka...


    Thanks for visiting my blog...

    Phong Hong

    Mine is i anyhow ham tam, keke...

  6. Lina

    Thanks, thanks...


    Thanks, thanks...

  7. yummy yummy! i want to eat cookie also! >_<

  8. step to do Chicken Cottage Pie look easy, must try it one day :)

  9. Sharon, when you do cook, you are really a good cook. The hap tao sao looks tasty.

  10. At least you tried baking and cooking them, not lazy like me leh.. I use my weekends to either eat and sleep or going to places if someone will take me.. :)

  11. Vincent

    The cookies is nice...


    Waiting for you to try out and share in your blog, hehe...


    Thanks Wenn...


    Must have mood first...


    Only once in a blue moon, then cook or bake, lol...

  12. Yah I have tried the recipe. sedap :)

  13. Wah! You are baking pies now. I love chicken pies! *Hint *hint

  14. Small Kucing

    U bake faster than me, me is drag and drag, kaka...

    Twilight Man

    Mine, i think people see liao will run away, no presentation, lol....


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