Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Random Picture (20th July 2014)

Sorry for long winded post today.

Had a gathering with friends at Sutera Mall.  I had not taken transport to Sutera Mall on my own before, as the other time i went, i got a lift from my friend. 

I understand from Causeway Link counter at Jurong East that CW3S after Malaysia immigration will goes to Sutera Mall, but after clearing immigration, i was told CW4S goes there.

I was suppose to meet my friends at 1pm, but i left my house at 10am thinking that i could go there jalan jalan if i'm early before meeting my friend.

After clearing Malaysia Immigration, it's already around 10.50am, and i was told to wait aside for the bus as the bus to Sutera Mall is not that frequent. Beside me, there's an aunty there who is earlier than me, she's also waiting for the same bus.  Waited for quite sometimes before the bus arrived, but as the bus was not crowded, it did  not leave till around 11.55am, which means i was there for about 1 hour waiting for the bus.   Beside the aunty and me taking the bus, there's also a family of 7 who's going there shopping.  As i could not speak Melayu, i had problem communicate with the driver who is a malay.  Lucky, the aunty could speak Malay.  We was told to pay RM4.70 for the trip from Malaysia Immigration to Sutera Mall.  Aunty and i was curious how come we have to pay additional RM4.70 as in Singapore, we have already paid S$4 for the trip. When i got the exact RM4.70 for him, and with the RM4 on my right hand and 70 cents on my left hand, i first gave him 70 cents, he told me no need and only collected RM4, confusing.  At first we thought that the RM4 was "pocket money" for the driver as we was not issue ticket for the amount paid.

During the journey, we were curious how come the journey is so long and the bus pass by LegoLand, Hello Kitty, Bukit Indah, etc.  Aunty went to ask the driver and he told aunty the journey will takes 1 hour to reach.  The route is decided by the transport company and if he did not follow the route, he will be eating fried cuttlefish.  Aunty also ask him about the additional RM4, he pointed to aunty a picture in the bus that there is camera in the bus and the RM4 will goes to the company.

Finally i reach Sutera Mall just in time at 1pm, which means it takes me 3 hours from Singapore to Sutera Mall.  During the journey, while chatting with aunty, i understand from aunty that her niece is doing business there selling mee, if i'm early, i thought i will follow aunty to go take a look.  

Below are pictures taken after clearing Malaysia Immigration which waiting for the transport.

Building at the Malaysia Immigration

Small shop there

Board stating the destination of the bus

Causeway Link bus


Road along the sideway

Road leading to Malaysia

As there's timing for the bus from Sutera Mall to Singapore, i "beg" my friend to drive me from Sutera Mall to immigration using Woodland to go back.

I took bus 160 to Jurong East Interchange.  And i went to ask the counter staff, Uncle, how come your bus collected additional RM4 after Malaysia Immigration to Sutera Mall, thought the S$4 was from Singapore to Sutera Mall.  Uncle was saying this applied on Sat/Sun.  He's also quite cute, saying not my bus, if it's my bus, i will be sitting in the office, counting money.

That's all for today.


  1. Good evening Sharon. It is midnight now but I am sleep-typing this.

  2. This is your first long winded novel post! We love it.

    So the aunty's niece sold what Mee? Kampua noodle ka?

    The uncle cute ah. Any selfie with him? Is he married?
    Tell us more in Part 2!

  3. Seems troublesome. I never tried cw4 but cw3 to bukit Indah where my wifey will fetch me if she happens to be there . I usually drove to sutera mall.

  4. Wah first time type long winded post (ever since I started reading your blog).. Eh wana ask, why everytime you take pic no smile one?

  5. Wow, first time see so long post here, this reminds me my bad experience bear the immigration there...>.<

  6. I like long winded post :)Wah, take 3 hours. If you had taken bus on the way back, it would have taken a few hours too. Our Malaysian public transport is not very good.

  7. What an adventure! Here the buses do not follow timetable. Sad to say.

  8. Louiz, I always ask Sharon to smile when taking pictures.. Sharon, right? But Sharon is shy at times, not like reanaclaire who always like to show off her colgate teeth. hahahaa..
    I have been to sutera mall few times but if you ask me how to go, I also dont know... you are more brave than me...

  9. You love hopping over th Malaysia hor? Things so so cheap for your people. Not hopping over to Sibu?

  10. Oh yea I saw lots of photos from your FB. Looks like you were having good time shopping and eating here.

  11. hello good morning Sharon!! first time seeing you write such a long post!!

  12. hmmm, very strange lah this bus route!! have to wait for an hour for the bus, then pay extra RM4 (but the exact fare is RM4.70) and then took another hour to reach your destination..

    1. Total 3 hrs.. If me can reach Ipoh liao..

  13. Nice bus adventure!!! I remember I used coach from Terengganu all the way to KL. More than 6 hours ride. My butt went flat! ^^

  14. I thought the bus from Jurong East goes direct to Sutera Mall. This looks like a long journey.

  15. Nice info...this help a lot for various travelers...

    -May- at: http://capturingthyinterest.blogspot.com/

  16. Twilight Man

    Good evening...

    Too long winded, i'm worried nobody will read it, hehe...

    I would loves to know too, but time don't permits me to go k-po, keke..

    Ohhh, no selfie leh, if i happen to find out if he's married, will let you know...


    This is my first time taking CW4S, as usually if i got go over, i take to Bukit Indah, my friend will fetch me from there...

    Princess Ribbon

    I hardly write long-winded, hehe...

    Ya, i smile not nice lor, so no smile, keke...


    Hope you share about your bad experience there...

    Phong Hong

    Actually no need 3 hours, only the waiting time and the merry go round makes it long journey...

    But luckily no jam at checkpoint, if not will be longer...


    Thanks Lina... :)


    Take it as see the scenery of Malaysia...


    Haha... My teeth not nice, so dare not smile too much, hehe...

    I do not want to impose on my friend, so find my own way there...


    Too bad didn't get to shop in Sutera Mall that day...

    Waiting for Claire & Kucing family see when they going over...

    Yee Ling

    Most excited part is meeting up with friends, hehe...


    Good evening...

    Confusing to me, haiz...

    Princess Ribbon

    Lucky no jam, if not i don't know how many hours liao...


    Wow, there's a long journey...

    East Coast Life

    At first i also thought that, didn't know after taking it then know the bus go merry-go-round...


    Thanks for visiting my blog...

  17. Why tell me? If he is not married yet, go tackle him la and take bus everyday!

  18. Wenn

    Good morning... Thanks... :)

    Twilight Man

    hahaha... U must be joking, lol...


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