Thursday, July 31, 2014

Journey to Kluang (27th July 2014)

The previous Sat (19th July), saw my blogger friend, Felvin, who is from Banting, wrote in Facebook that she's attending a wedding in Malacca on 20th July, whatsapp her that too bad Malacca and JB quite a distance, if not, wanted to ask her if she wanted to come JB meetup with the few friends (she knows one of the friend) that i am meeting previous Sun (20th July) She then reply that she will be back in Kluang over the Hari Raya holiday to celebrate her MIL birthday.  And that if i go Kluang, we could plan to go On the Road Cafe (another post).  Replied her provided i know how to go to Kluang and she ask me to ask the other friend (that friend ever went to Kluang), so i ask my friend the following day about it and was told that the journey takes around 1 1/2 hours from Johor Bahru to Kluang.  As the friend is going back to KL so at first, i was hesitating as i do not know the way there, but at the same time, i wanted very much to go also as i wanted to meetup with her and also i have never been to Kluang.

So i went to google and found the bus schedule, I informed Felvin and she mention she could pick me up from the bus terminal. And we arranged to meet last Sun (27th July) which i find is good as if the next day (28th July), i guess Causeway will be jam after long weekend and everybody will be back due to working day in Singapore, the next day, Tue.

I left my house early, as to avoid jam (if there's any) and also i ever heard that the bus do not leave in time as they wanted to wait for more passenger, etc.  After clearing Malaysia Immigration (lucky that day no jam), i took bus no. 170 to Larkin Terminal.

Random picture taken while in Bus 170, it's raining that morning as seen from the picture.

When i arrived at Larkin Terminal, there's a staff from the bus company asking people whether they want to buy bus tickets to other part of Malaysia, it's so happen i saw from his t-shirt the word Kluang, so i ask him and bought the ticket at RM10 from him.  Before i left home, i have wrote on a piece of paper, Kluang. As i am Melayu illiterate, and also to confirm that i bought right ticket to the right place, i show him the piece of paper.  Just in case, i bought ticket to Klang and i will have to call up Mama Kucing and sobsssss with her liao.  So happen i reach Larkin Terminal around 8.55am and when i ask him what time the bus leaving, he reply now, now, which is 9am, so i have to rush to board the bus and lucky the bus leaves in time, around 9.05am.

As i was the last one to board the bus, most seats are taken up and i set right behind.  Sitting beside me is a lady and i ask her how long is the journey, she reply me around 1 1/2 hours, but as it's raining, or if there's jam, it might be a bit longer.  As i switch off my data plan after clearing Singapore Immigration, worry accidentally press any key and when the phone bill come, i will be in a shock.  I sms Felvin that the bus have left Larkin Terminal and i should reach around 10.30am.

This lady also quite nice, as the bus goes by highway and when the bus out of the highway, this lady inform me it's takes around another 20 mins to reach and whether i want to call my friend to inform my friend about it.  Reply her that i have sms my friend and that i will call her when i reach.

Casually chat with her and understand that she's from Kluang and that she's in JB looking for her son.  Along the way, she introduces some places that the bus passes by.

When i reach the bus terminal at Kluang, i ask one of the guy there about the bus ticket back to Larkin, the guy ask me to go upstair as the counter in on the 2nd storey.

At first i thought i wanted to purchase when i'm going back but the guy at the counter mention, might not have many seats left, so i thought that i advance buy the ticket will be better, so bought the 4.30pm trip back to Larkin at RM10.80.

Bus schedule from Kluang to Larkin, 1/2 hour interval

One of the bus there that takes passengers to various parts of Malaysia

Saw this bus makes me think of the buses many many years back in Singapore.

Bus Terminal in Kluang

Drink stall along the streets

Foods stall along the streets

Building in Kluang

As Felvin has not arrived when i reached, i thought i will walk around racky the place while waiting for her.  Cross the bridge.

Saw this stall and i was thinking about Bazaar Ramadhan

Walk along the streets and saw a banner, there's Bazaar Ramadhan here, but i was early, so most of the stalls are not open yet.


  1. Sharon, you are really adventurous to go on long bus trips alone!

  2. Kluang has a very famous kaya butter toast with kopi-o place right? near some train station or something

  3. You very geng.. Dare to go alone.. If far far journey ahh, I dare not lor.. Eh finally see you smile liao in one of the photos in FB, hehe..

  4. Never been to Johore, not even JB. Hope to go one day. My post today is also on the Ramadhan Bazaar. All over now, will have to wait for next year for more.

  5. You are so brave lah to take bus on your own to somewhere you never been before. I dare not! Anyway it must be nice to meet up with your friend.

  6. Interesting, very adventuring, right?

  7. Yes, i also salute you, Sharon.. very brave.. I myself never take bus like this before and venture out... Hope your trip is fruitful! Next time can go further and further up.. hahaha..

  8. Mun

    Want to meet friend, have to step out and find the way there, hehe...


    Yes, it is, i got go there...

    Princess Ribbon

    The journey still ok, only the worry part is whether jam in causeway, which can takes up hours...


    Do make a trip to JB one of the day ya... :)

    Ya lor, have to wait next year liao...

    Phong Hong

    The meetup with friend is my motivation, hehe...


    Yes, and also very fun, hehe...


    Yes, it is fruitful, only not much time in staying there, hehe...

    If further and further up, will have to stay overnight liao, hehe...

  9. I used to go to kluang before the new weekend in jb. Now a bit difficult as we only have sat left.

  10. Good Morning Sharon. The weather is gloomy and nice today.

  11. You are so daring & fearless to travel alone everywhere! I suspect you are a karate black belt holder, right?

  12. Even the lady on the bus was so friendly and nice! Did you smile & flash your gold teeth to her?

    We have similar names like Kuang, Kluang & Klang. All very far apart.

  13. What a bus adventure. You are a very adventurous lady, Sharon.

  14. Such a great day for you huh? ;)

    It rained there? Good, I pray for a rain here too! :(

  15. Chris

    Now confusing in JB as weekend is Fri/Sat...

    Small Kucing

    Will sure go look for you...

    Twilight Man

    Good afternoon... It's raining this morning...

    Wait, i go learn first...

    haha... My teeth is not attractive enough, lol...

    All, so many km's away, keke...


    Yes, it's fun...


    Actually in the first place, i was thinking, if in Larkin, can't find my way, i will turn back, return to Singapore, kaka...


    Yes, enjoy that day...

    Ya, it's rain that day...

  16. Sonia

    I also very long didn't meet you, hehe...

  17. You are getting more adventurous ah, going up north to Malaysia :D

    It's always great to meet bloggers from other countries.

  18. Kluang have lots of good food. They famous for the toast and kopi

  19. East Coast Life

    I was thinking, worse come to worse, turn back from Larkin if can't find my way there, keke...

    Yee Ling

    Not sure about other foods, only know the one u mention, toast and kopi...


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