Thursday, September 13, 2018

An ordinary weekend

8th Sept (Sat)

My mum has a blood test appointment at the polyclinic in the morning.  After done with the blood test, ask my mum where she wants to go for her lunch, her reply is Jurong West st. 42 

My mum fish soup from her usual fish soup stall @ $5.

Rice @ $0.50

I had minced meat fishball kway teow mee @ $3.

The soup

The chilli sauce for my mum's fish soup, but she doesn't wants it, so I use it for my fishball kway teow mee.

My mum second round - chee cheong fun @ $1.40.

Pass by a bakery shop while on the way back after finding a friend in the afternoon, saw a piglet, tempted to buy, $2 per piece with pineapple filling.

9th Sept (Sun)

As usual, workout in the morning, then to church for the 2nd service, english service.

Drop by a relative place after the service ends.

My brunch - beef hor fun $4.50, from Tiong Bahru Food Centre.


  1. Beef hor fun looks good! So cheap! Beef is so expensive here.

  2. Pineapple filled piglet! That is cute.

    Now I kind of missing hor fun.

    You have great weekend over there!!

  3. I would surely buy the piglet with pineapple filling to try! The beef hor fun looks yummy! Have a blessed weekend!

    1. I was tempted, so end up buying it...

      You have a great week ahead...

  4. The piglet is so cute-lah, Sharon ^.^
    I'm drooling over your fish ball mee. Been a long time since I last had that.


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