Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Not a healthy week

3rd Sep (Mon)

Monday is usually burger day for me.

My dinner - whopper junior

4th Sept (Tue)

Yippy, no Bible Study Fellowship due to school holiday.

Was at one of the coffeeshop in Jurong East when saw a stall selling black chicken herbal soup 

A bowl of black chicken herbal soup @ $4.  Of course, $4, can't expect much, a small piece of black chicken.

My second round, mixture, fee : meal provided.

5th Sept (Wed)

I have wanted to try Jolibee at Jurong East MRT station.

Order a 2 piece chicken meal which comes with a drink, 2 piece chicken which I had 1 original and 1 spicy, 1 fries and 1 mashed potato, but the fries, I change to mashed potato, which I bring back for my mum as she likes mashed potatoe.

6th Sept (Thur)

The other day, while going back from Jurong East, saw a new stall, Tanjong Rhu Wanton Mee and I have bookmark this place.

Dumpling or wanton, which one to choose, in the end, choose wanton.  They run out of char siew and the new batch is in the midst of preparation, so it's all wanton.  Total there are 7 wantons.  Overall I loves the wanton meet and I will go back again one of the day for the dumpling noodle.  Wanton mee @ $4.

7th Sept (Fri)

I have been addicted to the drumlets and today is not healthy foods again.

Halfway eating, I realise that my mum has been in the toilet for a while, decided to check on her when she walk out and told me that she has done with her big business and ask me to wash up for her.  So gotta wash up for her before I continue with my eating.


  1. Long time haven't drank black chicken herbal soup. Good for cool days.

  2. So many fried stuff. Sinful. Haha.

  3. Wow! I love Jolibee and it reminds me of my one week's stay in Manila.

    You should try to make mashed potatoes since your mum loves it. Boil a few potatoes, mash them with butter and Bingo! Can keep in the fridge and slowly eat too with any barbeque sauce or gravy.

  4. Wow..lots of good food above, I like burger once a blue moon.. with french fries too!

    1. Tell you softly, I est the onion ring more than french fries... kaka...

  5. The black chicken herbal soup calls out to me. Oo.. I love the wonton noodles too!


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