Friday, December 16, 2016

Siglap Park Connector

Last walk with my friend at the Park Connector for the year 2016.

(1) Starting point from Kembangan MRT Station, on the left - Condo - Astoria Park.

(2) Siglap Canal

(3) Walking path

(4) Kampong Kembangan Community Centre

(5) Kembangan MRT Station

(6) HDB Flats

(7) Private Estates

(8) Walking Path

(9) Plant

(10) Private Estates

(11) Then there came the overhead bridge

(12) Overhead bridge

(13) Pan-Island Expressway (PIE)

(14) Map of Siglap Park Connector

(15) Walking Path

(16) Expression on the right side

(17) HDB Flat

(18) Attracted by the trunk of the tree 

(19) Another overhead bridge to cross

(20) Bedok North Road

(21) Construction of MRT on-going

(22) On-going of construction

(23) Construction site

(24) After crossing the overhead bridge, it's Bedok Town Park

(25) Random Photo

(26) Exit

(27) Canal

(28) Passed by a school

(29) So the school is Damai Primary School

(30) Signboard


  1. Sharon, you are a good walker! Healthy too.. keep on walking and showing us the Singapore!

    1. Should be next year liao as 2016 coming to an end, hehe...

  2. Very interesting walk passing by so many places. That tree is an interesting find!

    1. Try to walk different places so as to see different places, hehe...

  3. Siglap? That is very very far from Jurong - you stay in Jurong, right? I used to stay quite near Siglap, Teluk Kurau side of Katong...can walk to my family friend's house near Siglap market.

    1. Yes, very far from Jurong, walk places i never walk before, see different places, hehe...

  4. Good Morning Walking Queen!

    The weather was always good and you walked so far. You never walked in the rain. Wakakaka

    1. Good afternoon TM...

      Sorry for the late reply...

  5. I always enjoyed looking at your photos of the connectors as those are the areas the foreign visitors like us would not know or see. However I often recognized some familiar housing estates there like this Siglap ones. The houses are very beautiful in Singapore and the HDB are very clean & neat.

    1. I enjoy walking in Park Connector than in Shopping Centre as i will end up buying unnecessary items if i were to walk in Shopping Centre...

  6. Sharon, you made me wish I lived in Singapore. Then, I can join you for these walks.

    1. Wish you were here, then we can go together for walks...


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