Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Neo Garden Catering

My neighbour, an auntie, she doing business in the market near my house there, has 3 daughter and 1 son, the youngest daughter got married on 4th Dec, they order catering and place it along the common corridor.  My mum and i was invited to the makan.  Took a few picture of the foods, paiseh to take all as people around.  I can't remember the name of the dishes from what they state there, but roughly write.

(1) 邻居家有喜事,小女儿十二月四号出嫁,叫了饮食业承办饮食,摆在走廊,邀请了母亲和我去吃。 不过我不好意思拍全部的食物,只拍的几样。食物的名,记不了,所以随意写。


At first, i thought it's fried tofu, after eating, then know it's yam.

(3) 意大利面

Aglio Olio

(4) 西兰菜炒鲍鱼

Broccoli with abalone

(5) 参巴鱼

Sambal fish

(6) 水果沙拉山葵虾

Fruit salad with wasabi prawns

还有咖喱鸡,寿司, 迷你巧克力长条泡芙,摩摩喳喳 ,饮料(不过,没拍到)。

There's also curry chicken which i find very nice, sushi platter, mini chocolate eclair , bubor cha cha which i didn't manage to take picture.


  1. Dunno how to read leh. I am guessing this is a wedding makan.

  2. I had that double fortune thing hanging on the pillar. Bought for Chinese New Year, wrong one - only for weddings. Now waiting for somebody to get married.

  3. Good Morning Queen of Zumba.

    The weather is getting warmer, making me sick like a dog. The sudden change of winter to summer is killing my nose. HELP!

    1. Good morning TM...

      The weather here is hot too...

  4. I love to eat food served at wedding eves. I noticed in Singapore's HDB flats often use their spacious corridors to lay the buffet tables. I attended 2 wedding eves before. It was fun.

    1. And Malay usually holds their wedding at the void deck...

  5. Ooo. Fruit salad with wasabi prawns. That looked refreshing.

  6. The food looks good. I like buffet lunches or dinners with varieties of food.

  7. Our Chinese translations not same one. In Penang, sambal prawn = 三拜 and wasabi = 日本芥末

  8. 他們的catering還真的挺豐富的呢!

  9. The food looks yummy. The fried yam is so beautifully done. I need to learn how to cook this! ^.^


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