Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Osaka Ohsho @ Raffles City

Was meeting friend for dinner at Raffles City, we walk one round and end up at Osaka Ohsho.

(1) When i saw this place, it looks familiar to me, just can't remember if i been to this place before, went back to check old post,  i been there in Maybut at the Westgate branch.

(2) We ordered a Ramen set (can't recall the name as recipe not with me) to share, the Ramen comes with 2 piece of meat and half-egg, we order an extra half-egg.  We were disappointed when the ramen was served as the egg yolk looks like braised egg to us and the Ramen looks normal to us.

(3) Since we order the set, it comes with 6 pcs of Goyza

(4) We ordered a Mixed Fry Toji to share, was disappointed that the outer layer of the prawn was not crispy.

(5) For the drink, friend had the cold drink while i had the hot green tea which is refillable.

Not too sure of the price as it's a belated birthday treat from friend.

Osaka Ohsho
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
Tel : 6338 5584

(6) Got a box of Almond Cookies from friend when went holiday at Hong Kong/Macau with her hubby.

(7) 12 individual package

(8) Closer up

(9) Had it while watching TV, that i had 2 of it


  1. I love these Almond biscuits very addictive

  2. Only 2 biscuits? I can eat more than that in front of the TV LOL!

    1. Control my intake, if not, finish all, no more liao, hehe...

  3. The egg yolk is not so runny, not like at most Japanese places.

  4. Never mind, next time can try other Japanese restaurants.. I am sure there are good ones around there too..

  5. I don't like that almond cookies, though it's a famous souvenir from HK.

  6. I like the almond biscuits. If in front of TV, I will eat more than 2 easily!


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