Thursday, December 15, 2016

City Square Mall

City Square Mall poster taken from the Internet

During Christmas period, some Shopping Centre will come up with Meet & Greet session.  One of the Shopping Centre is City Square Mall, this Shopping Centre is at Kitchener Road in Singapore, not the one in Johor Bahru.

(1) Decoration outside City Square Mall - Nick Jr, if i didn't get the name wrong.

(2) Dora the Explorer

(3) Christmas Tree outside City Square Mall

(4) Closer up

(5) Closer up

(6)  Meet & Greet Session

(7)  Dora the Explorer and Boot's (Heard the emcee mention the name)

(8)  With Santa Claus, couldn't get hold of good pictures as the mascots was moving about, there's a daddy sitting with his daughter, then he stood up, ask him to sit down as i can't see, he reply those kids in front was standing, so he carry his daughter to watch, he shifted a bit.  And a mother carrying her daughter was kind of block by the father and his daughter, so i let the daughter stand in front of me.  In front of me, actually, there's a barrier.

(9) In the last part, 4 more mascots came out, not too sure of their name

(10)  They perform, they sing

(11) 1/2 hour Meet & Greet Session, but see that the kids there enjoying themselves.

(12) After the show, there's a photo taking session for those who have spent certain amount at the Shopping Mall and redeem a pass.


  1. Oh? Dunno where that is. Only heard of the one in JB.

  2. Good Afternoon Zumba Queen!

    The weather is so cooling today.

  3. I always thought this City Square is in JB too.

    I like these icons with happy faces like Nick and Dora!

    1. One City Square in JB, one City Square Mall in Singapore, hehe...

  4. These malls are so clever to create the Greet & Meet sessions to lure shoppers to spend more money.

    1. Every year, during Christmas period, certain Shopping Centre will have Meet & Greet Session...

  5. Even the adults get excited seeing this too, I am sure... Kids will definitely be happy anticipating...

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