Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Decorations @ Jurong Point

Back to Jurong Point supermarket to buy grocery and at the same time, take a look at the Christmas decorations.

(1) The other time, the Christmas tree was covered up, this round, it's ready, but find quite simple.

(2) Outside one of the entrance

(3) Outside one of the entrance

(4) Outside one of the entrance

(5) The other time, i saw this, thought they have not completed, this round, i see the same time.

(6) Glutinous Rice is one of my favourite food, but i don't take it often as, i will feel bloated if i take too much of it.  Sudden, i  have craving for it, since i was in the vicinity of Jurong Point buying grocery, there's a eatery place, Westlake, they do sell the Braised Pork Glutinous Rice @ $3.00, the eatery place is quite small, but the day i was there, there's seats available, so order it. It comes's with Braised Pork, i only eat the lean meat and leave fatty part out, mushroom and a chestnut.

锅贴 is another of my favourite food, has been quite sometimes since i have the fried one, as usually nowadays, i will prefer steamed one, more healthy (as compared to fried one), since they only have the fried one, ordered it @ $3.50 (5 pc).


  1. I love lor mai kai too!!! No good one here. Sobsss!!!!

  2. That Lor Mai Kai makes me hungry...So fast right? Christmas is coming and soon gonna say goodbye to 2016 and welcoming 2017.

    1. Yes, very fast, after Christmas, New Year will be here, and we will be saiding Hello to 2017...

  3. The decoration may be simple but I quite like it.

  4. 這棵聖誕樹,很有未來科技感啊!

  5. The Christmas decoration looks a bit toned down but it is unique. ^.^

    I love both the food you posted here.

  6. Very pretty Christmas decorations! I still haven't have chance to collect some pics yet. I love lor mai kai too. Yums!


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