Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Mr S R Nathan

* Picture taken from Channel News Asia facebook page.

As usual, i went for my workout on Monday.  I came back home a bit later as i was chatting with a friend after the workout and also i need to get some stuffs from the supermarket.

Upon reaching home and unpacking the stuffs that i bought, i thought i will rest for a while before i go take my shower.  So i switch on the TV.  Then came the newscaster reading the news of Mr S R Nathan (Our former President) pass on at 9.48pm in Singapore General Hospital.  At first i thought i heard wrongly as i was not concentrating on hearing news at that time.  

Saw posting on Facebook and went to Channel News Asia website to verify the news.

Mr Nathan, Rest in Peace.


  1. He didn't get as much coverage as LKY... RIP good sir.

  2. RIP... He was a good man.
    Did you cry?

  3. RIP... He was a good man.
    Did you cry?

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