Monday, August 1, 2016

Busy Week

Started my week on Monday as usual with a workout on Monday evening.

Then on Tuesday, i receive news that my Zumba Instructor mother passed away, arrange with friend to go down to the wake on Tuesday night.

Wednesday, at first i thought of postpone my meetup with a friend for dinner to go down again to the wake, but on second thought, have to arrange again for another meetup with the friend, so i go ahead with the dinner appointment.

Thursday, i went for another round of workout, then went to the wake again.

On Friday, it's the funeral day, cortege leaving from the wake venue at 10am, i set my alarm clock to 6am, but at 5.30am, i already woke up, thought of going back to sleep for another 1/2 hour, but was worried might overslept, so i didn't.  I left my house earlier so that i could go for a cup of coffee.  When i reached the shopping mall, i wanted to go Toast Box for a cup of coffee, but was surprise to see that all the seats are being taken up, as thought at that time, there won't be much people as people would have left for work.  Opposite Toast Box is Starbuck, but no lah, as i don't have much time to sit there and relax, so anyhow hantam liao, saw KFC, so went there for a cup of coffee before taking a feeder service to reach the venue.

After the funeral, i managed to get hold of a friend (a friend i got to know through blogging, and who is now no longer active in blogging) who is back from UK to Penang to visit her parents and before going back UK, she's in Singapore for a few days for a meetup.  (Will write about it in another post).

Saturday, i metup with the friend again, (another post).

On Sunday, i didn't send my friend off at the airport as what i have told her, i go there, i meet you only for a while and you have to go in already.  I went for my workout, above is the decoration at the park there, after that, i went to buy foods back to eat as i was tired and lazy to cook.  The rest of the day is lazing at home.


  1. Such sad news. Condolences to the family. You are a good friend! x

    1. The mum has live to a good age, 91 years old...

  2. Your cup of coffee makes me crave for coffee! I am trying to cut down on coffee. Cute decorations at the park.

    1. Me is one cup of coffee a day, won't go overboard and more than that..


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