Monday, June 13, 2016

The French Table

It was after our evening workout on previous Sunday (5th) when 1 of my exercise kaki Y was suggesting meeting up the next day for dinner as it was another exercise kaki J actual day birthday, at first we agree on Monday evening, then i was asking how about we go now after the workout if the two of them is ok.   As on Monday, J has Zumba class and also i will be going for Zumba class, if we meet on Monday, J and i have to miss our Zumba class. They are ok, so we went for dinner.

(1) We were at West Coast Plaza, at first we wanted to eat Curry Fish Head, but the place was full house and the staff mention have to wait for 20 mins ~ 30 mins, so we settled for The French Table.

(2) Pepper Mint Nojito @ $7.80

(3) Wild Mushroom Soup @ $7.50

(4) Fish Katsu Curry @ $15.80

(5) Apple Banana Crumble @ $7.80

The French Table
154 West Coast Road
#02-26 West Coast Plaza
Singapore 127371
Tel : 6777 9483


  1. Hahahaha so which dish from your pictures are really French in nature? Or they really do have French dishes, only you ordered something else? :D

    1. RealGunners

      Didn't really see any French dishes as from the menu...

      Phong Hong


  2. I want to eat the apple crumble!

  3. Good afternoon Sharon,
    Good fusion food.

  4. Same sentiments as the rest, don't see anything french.

  5. What a cute name.. French table.. so everyone is eyeing for the table instead of the food here..

  6. Replies
    1. Hearing you mention, makes me craving for curry, hehe...

  7. Apple Banana Crumble sounds good.

  8. At first I thought you were going to show us French food! But end up.... :p

  9. The apple banana crumble looks pretty yummy. Food is always a nice way to celebrate Birthdays. :D


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