Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Marina at Keppel Bay

I have walked the Berlayer Creek Broadwalk in April 2012 and  Berlayer Creek Broadwalk in Aug 2012, but have never visit Marina at Keppel Bay.  Ever since i took up Zumba, i didn't go for this kind of walk for quite a long time.  It's only when one of the day, my exercise kaki ask me wanna go for a walk from x place to y place that i being to walk here and walk there.  This round, decided to racky Marina at Keppel Bay.

Started the walk from Berlayer Creek Broadwalk.  I didn't take picture of Berlayer Creek Broadwalk as nothing new there.

(1) The bridge that is link to Marina at Keppel Bay

(2) Path for pedestrian walking

(3) For car use

(4) The building

(5) Taken outside Marina at Keppel Bay

(6) Yacht 

(7) Random Picture

(8) Took this while on the way out


  1. Wow! Quite a walk. However I wouldn't mind such walk as can see more thing and exercise.

  2. Is it a very long walk? I like walking as it is very good exercise.

    1. Say long, also not very long, say short, also not very short...

  3. Nothing like the Keppel Bay I knew way back in 1973.

  4. I haven't had a long walk just for the sake of it for weeks now. Months to be accurate. I'm blaming it on the scorching weather because it is convenient to blame that.

    1. The weather here is unpredictable, sometimes, it can be very hot, sometimes, it rain...

  5. Amazing scenery and view .. (O.O)


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