Tuesday, September 30, 2014


My late grandparents used to stay nearby this temple in Upper Serangoon Road.  This temple has been around for a long long time.  My mum wanted to go there to pray.  So she went to pray and i went around taking pictures.

There's suppose to be another horse on the left side, but there's the further i can stand to take picture of it as behind, it's road and have to left out the horse on the left.

Selling of fruits

Selling of prayer items

The temple


There's vegetarian beehoon provided, didn't realise when taking pictures that the lady was doing a V sign till when i was drafting this post.

Vegetarian beehoon


  1. My good friend used to stay at Serangoon Estate. Burghley Drive. Used to go there by bus - way back in 1973.

  2. Haha, that lady so funny, doing that "peace" sign.. Very sporting.. Beehoon looks good, nothing to complain, I can finish all :)

  3. 九皇爺.. I just went to a temple here ytday.. your temple is way nicely decorated and not as packed, maybe the place is also bigger..

  4. the vegetarian food looks good.. and haha, so cute of the lady to pose a v sign for you :D

  5. wahhh... Sharon.. so many pictures this time.. I also took vegetarian noodles one morning.. so much of food sold but didn't get to eat a lot... :)

  6. Looks very happening in this temple.

  7. Suituapui

    Is your good friend a Singaporean?

    Princess Ribbon

    At that time, i have to quick quick take picture before someone join the Q, so didn't realise she's doing the sign... hehe...

    Actually the lady scooping the bee hoon asking if the beehoon is enough, but i was not very hungry, so this portion just nice...


    I guess most of them has finish praying as when i arrive, saw a long Q at the Vegetarian Beehoon there...

    They will have the vegetarian food every year...

    Hehe... Ya lor, only realised it when i was editing the pictures... hehe...


    Don't mention...


    I see see take take, hehe....

    Sometimes too many variety, can't tried out all as can't eat a lot ya...


    Yes, it is...

  8. Used to follow my parents to temple to pray. I love to look around. Fascinated by the carving of deities on the temple.

  9. A lot of interesting things to see at this temple!

  10. Good Afternoon Sharon. It will rain in 1 minute. Please carry umbrella now!!!


    It has rained. I am wet.

  11. I am impressed with your nice and colourful photos! I wonder which country made all those figures?

  12. So your late grand parents lived near there. Now who lives in that house?

  13. I usually go to Jurong West Street 42 for 九皇爷诞 (for the past 3-4 years),
    now only i know there is a big 斗母宫in hougang, next time i will pay a visit to there as well (maybe next year)
    Thanks for your sharing!

  14. 你应该也陪伯母去拜拜嘛,呵呵…

  15. The temple there looks much more cleaner.

  16. Haha. I like that lady with the V sign. Very sporting. Nice pictures here. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy browsing through them :)

  17. oh we have many of these events too! didn't plan to go, usually comes with a terrible jam lol

  18. Rose

    Me also like to look around, hehe...

    Phong Hong

    Yes, it is...


    Thanks... :)

    Twilight Man

    Good afternoon... Weather so hot here, no rain... Guess i have to sobssssss to make the rain come... sobssssss...

    More info here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tou_Mu_Kung_Temple

    The house sold off liao...


    I think i know which one you went to...

    The nearest MRT is Kovan, there's free shuttle service providde during weekend from Kovan MRT station during the 九皇爷诞 period...




    Thanks for the compliment... :)


    Thanks for the compliment... )

    There's people coming for the beehoon, so i have to take a quick picture without realising in the first place, she's doing the sign, hehe...


    If me, i very scare of jam...


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