Friday, September 12, 2014

Wedding Dinner @ Marriot Hotel (31st Aug 2014)

Attended a Wedding Dinner @ Marriot Hotel on 31st August 2014. A nine course dinner was served.  Dinner starts at around 8pm.  Below are the foods that is served.

Combination of Deluxe Appetizer - Deep-Fried Mushroom stuffed with Shrimp Paste, Prawn Salad, Spicy Jelly Fish, Abalone Clam in Thai Style & Roasted Duck

Braised Shark's Fin with Crabmeat and Shredded Fish Maw

Sauteed Scallop and Squids with Celery and Sweet Peas in XO Sauce

Stir fried Prawn in Tomato sauce accompanied by Deep-fried Crab Roll

Braised Sea Cucumber and Beancurd Sheet with Spinach

Steamed Live Garoupa with Mandarin Peel in Black Bean Sauce

Wan Hao Signature Roasted Crispy Chicken

Stewed Ee-fu Noodles with Crabmeat, Straw Mushrooms and Chives

Sweetened Red Bean Cream with Glutinous Black Sesame Dumpling, Lily Bulbs and Lotus Seeds


  1. Wah, all the food makes my hungry! I love the first hot+cold combination dish.. I always look forward to the first dish in every wedding dinner.. Then I also like the chicken/duck/suckling pig, fish, and also the dessert, yummzzz...

  2. I love attending wedding reception! Yummy food

  3. Wa, all look fabulous, yum yum.
    It look like small portion for 10 person, but its good not to waste foods.

  4. wedding dinner.. so we only see the food you eat, but no photos of the newly-wed couple ah?? :p

  5. i always love the first dish whenever i go for wedding dinner.. that platter with 4-5 types of dishes, can taste a bit of everything..

  6. and the last one Sweetened Red Bean Cream with Glutinous Black Sesame Dumpling, Lily Bulbs and Lotus Seeds also i like~~ :)

  7. Good Afternoon Miss Singapore!
    Hey the rain is coming any minute now! Open your umbrellas now and close our mouth when selfie!

  8. Waaah! Your wedding dinner! Bo Jio!
    So yummy food at Marriot!

  9. Ooops! Sorry I thought your wedding but actually you were a guest! So you had a good time eating!
    Will you post the bride and groom photos later? You always posted a lot of getai photos! So must show us the bride and groom yeah!

  10. Marriot, high class wor. Must be mighty expensive. How much a table like this in Singapore?

  11. wow....Marriot Hotel! What a sumptuous spread of delicious food!

  12. 婚礼的喜宴餐来去大致都一样的菜色。

  13. Wow, so many things here! I love roast chicken. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your comment. You are welcome anytime.

  14. Why the cold platter seems to be served in a small portion?

  15. Princess Ribbon

    Same same, i always look forward to the first dish and i enjoy first dish too, hehe...

    No worries, it's ok...


    Me too, hehe...


    Thanks for visiting my blog... Here a bit, there a bit, after eating, very filling...


    Have a bit photos of the newly-wed couple in FB, hehe... I wanted to take more, but pai seh, as only see the professional photographic taking the picture, hehe...

    Same here, i also always loves the first dish, hehe...

    As for the dessert, me ok with that, hehe...


    Not bad the foods there...

    Twilight Man

    Good evening...

    The weather here is so hot, super hot...

    If it's my wedding dinner, of course will jio TM, but not mine, keke...

    Have a bit, in FB, hehe...

    Happy Weekend to you too :)


    I will, if it's my wedding...

    Over 1k for a table...


    Also a hole in the pocket, keke...


    Ya, almost the same, hehe...


    Thanks for visiting my blog...


    Here a bit, there a bit, very full liao...

  16. I also just came back from a wedding banquet, ;)

  17. looks like I am getting to old, wedding invitation getting lesser recently :p

  18. Hayley

    Good to hear that :)


    Pls don't say that, maybe there's wedding invitation surprise soon... :)

  19. I always like the first dish because got many different things to eat. Usually by the time the last of second last dish come, so full already!

  20. wahhhh...looks very yummy!! Ok, now I am going for dinner!

  21. Phong Hong

    Of all the dishes at wedding dishes, i loves the 1st dish most, hehe...


    Enjoy your dinner ya...


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