Friday, September 19, 2014

Cashew Mid-Autumn Festival 2014 (6th September 2014)

Bought ticket at $3 to the Cashew Mid-Autumn Festival 2014 which is held at the Open Space in front of  Blk 607 Senja Road.


Goodies Bag

Game booth by the Police, in which we have to photo-fit the pictures as seem.

Got this after playing the game

Before the start, rehearsal

Dance by students of CHIJ

Guest-of-Honour : Dr Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, MP for Holland-Bukit Timah GRC

Performance by Dance-Fit Club

Taichi Performance

Magic Show in which kids loves it

Performance by Cai XiuWen

2nd round of performance by Dance-Fit Club

Inside the goodies bag, there's a McChicken Burger and Apple Pie by McDonald.

And also the above


  1. Not bad at all. Burger and apple pie and interesting performances. I like!

  2. Adoi...Mid-autumn Festival, eat American burger. What a mis-match!

  3. Cashew mid autumn same as mid autumn festival or not? Hehe burger and apple pie for mid autumn festival sound different and unique.. As long as everyone happy la hor..

  4. Sharon is always so good in finding all these "kang tao".. just pay like $2-$3 then can get nice goodies bag home while enjoying the participation of the event~~ :)

  5. haha, surprised to see McChicken and Apple Pie inside the goodies bag, that's rather special for mid-autumn huh?? but then akready worth more than $3 you paid for right?? :)

  6. Good morning Sharon,
    That's a good event, free goodie bag and food too!
    Enjoy your weekend

  7. Merryn

    Didn't know they have the burger and apple pie, if not will not take dinner before that, kaka...


    Up to the committee to decide on it...

    Princess Ribbon

    Same, as Cashew is the name of the place... Ya lor, hehe...


    Quite a number of places also same date for the Mid-Autumn Festival event...

    Ya lor, as a burger itself, already $2 plus, if i am not wrong, apple pie itself is $1...


    Good morning...

    Ya lor...

    Enjoy your weekend ya...

  8. You have been going to a lot of events lately.

    Nice event with goodies.

  9. Nice goodies bag.

    So the burger and apple pie were in the bag. Instead of coupons? Interesting.

  10. wow i wish the organizers can throw in McD burgers in some goodie bags here in msia :(

  11. Looks like quite fun. Wah, got McChicken and apple pie some more!

  12. Not bad, $3 got so many goodies, specially the McD, hehe!!! =]

  13. That's quite a lot of performances! Different category one..

  14. Rose

    Too bad most places, the events on the same day, if not, can go another one, kaka...


    Yes, in the goodie bag, actually i will have prefer coupon, as can go redeem another time...


    Maybe one of the day, they will do that...

    Phong Hong

    Didn't know that they have McChicken and Apple Pie, if not, i will not have taken dinner earlier on that day...


    Worth the price ya...


    Ya lor...


    Have a great week ahead ya...

  15. 最重要是有月饼!这样才像是中秋节呢 :)


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