Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Andersen's of Denmark

I had a $10 Andersens of Denmark Ice Cream which i redeem from my expiring linkpoint.  So my mum and i were there to makan. Since we had taken our meal, we just went there for a bite.

We were at the branch at Jurong Point

About Andersen's

Actually i wanted to order a Tuna Mushroom Puff Pastry for my mum, but she request for the cream puff ($2)

Chocolate Haven at $5.20

Ice Lemon Tea at $4.50

The bill came up to $13.25, and with the voucher, i only paid $3.25.  In the end, we share the foods and the drink.

Andersen's of Denmark
Jurong Point Shopping Centre
1 Jurong West Central 2 #02-K6
Singapore 648886
Tel : 6898 5052


  1. wow, very nice!! i want to eat!! :D

  2. Chocolate Haven looks heavenly!

  3. Good night. I woke up to go to toilet and decided to visit your blog. Wakakakaka

  4. Wow! I love cream puffs. Now I am fully awake and wanna eat!

  5. Must be nice to spend some time bonding with your mother over tasty and sinful food. Good deal with the points exchange!

  6. yum yum,..,i want the lemon tea...now coughing :(

  7. Lina

    Ya lor, loves it and at the same time, "hate" it as sinful, hehe...


    Come, come, help yourself... :)


    Yummy yummy...

    Twilight Man

    I thought u gonna sleep after blog hopping, so it's toilet visit, lol...

    Pls help yourself, keke...


    Ya, with the points exchange, no need to pay so much...

    Small Kucing

    After you recover from your cough, can drink lemon tea liao... :)


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