Thursday, September 18, 2014

Mid-Autumn Festival @ Gardens by the Bay (Part 1 of 5)

 A visit to the Mid-Autumn Festival which is at Gardens by the Bay.  Details are found here.

I remember that Claire went to the Gardens by the Bay when she visited Singapore last year.  Here and here.

Below are pictures taken there.



  1. I super love the decor. So bright and cheerful. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful pictures. I miss Singapore and will definitely make a plan to go back there one day :D

  2. Wah so colourful wor everything.. They are made of what I wonder.. No food ahh? Sure got eat one ma, hehe.. Or maybe separate into the next post?

  3. No night pictures? With the lights turned on?

  4. very nice and colorful.. those decorations so cute and surely liven up the "steel jungle" a lot.. :)

  5. when I saw the title I expect it's at night.. I suppose at night when all lit up, it's even nicer right?? did you stay till the night?? :)

  6. Merryn

    Still have somemore in my draft and have not post it, hehe...

    Do make a trip here again ya... :)

    Princess Ribbon

    I didn't get to touch the decorations, so can't say what it's made of...

    They have some small stalls selling foods there, got try out, but only didn't take picture of it... hehe...


    Nope, when i left evening time, the crowds start coming in, at night sure crowded...


    Still have somemore, do come back ya, hehe...

    Yes, it's nicer, but when i left in the evening time, the crowds still coming in, night should be crowded, so didn't stay till night to take pictures, as crowded, also difficult to take pictures...

  7. Good morning Sharon,
    These are so cute and pretty....

  8. Lovely. So beautifully decorated.

  9. hahahhaa...your post here sounds very familiar geh! These pictures brings back sweet memories for me! :)

  10. Good Afternoon Sharon. The weather is hot and humid now. I hope it will rain here today. We need water!

  11. Good Afternoon Sharon. The weather is hot and humid now. I hope it will rain here today. We need water!

  12. I always think this Marina Sands building is one of the most beautiful modern architecture today!

  13. All the figurines are so colourful and interesting. Why you no selfie here and there??

  14. Eh...I want to nominate you to do the SK's signature pose challenge and post the photo in your blog!!! Do it please!!!
    If not, you better pour ice bucket lah. Wakakakakaka

  15. Elaine

    Good evening...

    Yes, they are...


    More to come...


    haha... lol... Come, come, come Singapore again...

    Twilight Man

    Good evening... Not only Malaysia is hot, Singapore is hot too...

    Thanks for your compliment about the architecture... :)

    Lol... Too hot the weather that day to selfie... lol...

    If i do it, will scare people away, kekeke...


    Yes, it is...

    Phong Hong

    Yes, it is...


    Ya lor, night is nice but crowded...

  16. You didn't go back there during the night time to take the night view pictures?

  17. 小影

    I went on the 2nd last day and left in the evening, hehe...

  18. LOL...the here and here so funny lah :p


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