Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fish & Chip

This stall has ever appear in TV before very long time ago about their Fish & Chip.  They used to be at a coffeeshop in Blk 95 Toa Payoh Lor 4, but now they are at a coffeeshop in Blk 21 Toa Payoh Lor 7.  Was there on a Sunday afternoon,   they sell Western Food, but on that day, there's a board there that states that they serves Fish & Chips only.  $5.80 for a set of Fish & Chip.

The Stall

After ordering and paying for the foods, was given a number.

Fish & Chip

Vinegar & chilli sauce, but i only take the chilli sauce

Wok Inn Fish and Chips
Blk 21, Toa Payoh Lor 7


  1. ha ha wouldn't a trip back to the motherland be worth it for a serve of fried fat potatoes sitting on the sunny pier!

    oh heaven sent the pleasures are so very very simple.


  2. wah!! appeared on TV before?? this must be very tasty.. but how come no people queuing at all?? maybe because they just give 6 pieces of fries?? hehe~~

  3. 卖相不是很佳。。。你没说好吃不好吃。。。

  4. I only see this post now wor in my update.. The fish looks ok. But portion small leh.. Chips and mashed potatoes? I thought usually chips and salad or coleslaw..

  5. Usicdidribee titkea

    Thanks for visiting my blog...


    That was years ago, guess the Q dies down...

    Acceptable to me... hehe...

    The fries looks miserable to me, but also good to me lor, as if too much, wait can't finish also wasted...


    Acceptable to me, i tried a bit with the vinegar, i don't like it, so only dip with chilli sauce, hehe...


    Acceptable to me, but i don't like it with vinegar when i pour a bit into it...

    Princess Ribbon

    Late post yesterday, hehe... Acceptable to me, just nice to me, if too big portion, i will worry can't finish... Some places, the western foods, the side dishes, can choose, but this stall standard, chips and mashed potatoes...

  6. Must be good to appear on tv. But they could do better with the presentation. Maybe some salad or coleslaw would do better than the mashed potato. I usually take my fish n chips with tartar sauce or chilli sauce. Never in vinegar.

  7. I love fish n chips! I also like it with chilli sauce :)

  8. Rose

    Improvement can be made to the presentation ya...

    Phong Hong

    Beside this, i also like chicken chop...


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