Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Penang White Curry Noodle

Saw that this instant noodles is quite popular, was curious about it and that i can't find it in Singapore supermarket.  Saw a Facebook friend from Malacca cook it, commented that i can't find it, it so happen she saw her friend post it that she saw that Singapore could get it and she recommended me to the person, the person inform me that if i order 1 box (12 packets, and inside it is 4 packets, total will be 48 small packets) and with a $5 charge, it will be delivered to me.  But i do not need so much, so i ask the person whether if i could just order 1 packet and self-collect myself which the person recommended me to another person who distributed this instant noodle in Singapore.  So i get in touch with the person and bought a packet of it to try out.

Understand from the guy who distributed this Penang White Curry Noodle, his warehouse is in Bukit Batok Crescent, beside this Penang White Curry Noodle, he has other items too.  He will rent push carts etc, to sell the items.

I only use half packet of the non-dairy creamer

My Penang White Curry Noodle with sausage and egg


  1. 这个最近好像很火红!可是我还没有尝试过啦!>_<

  2. Vincent

    Saw that this is quite 火红, so was curious to try it out, hehe...

    Yee Ling

    Maybe next round, hehe...

  3. Great idea to cut down the creamer - too lemak, halfway already geli-geli...not so nice anymore. Can cut down on the chili too - a bit too pedas.

    You did not see my blogpost on this meh?


  5. suituapui

    I'm not into instant noodles, only curious about it as saw that it's quite famous...

    Just went into your post and see...

  6. u put all chili paste?
    I almost get on fire after putting 3/4 pack of chili paste :p

  7. Grace

    I put almost all, but I only drank a little bit of the soup...

  8. I haven get change to try it out even I keep going to pg!

  9. i no chance to try this yet, how?? yummy o not??? coz heard like quite famous wo...hehe

  10. I've tried that once and totally fell in love with it, haha xD
    Already ordered a box but still no news of it, so short of stocks!

    Actually the sambal paste is not supposed to put and cook together, it is a side condiment, hehe. The soup is supposed to be white color.

  11. Aris Min

    So far now supermarket in Singapore didn't sell it...


    See quite famous, that why thought of trying it out...

    Suit my taste...


    I won't said nice or not as different people, different taste, but suit my taste...


    Then have to wait a while for it liao...

    Oh icic... The next round i cook, i won't put it and cook together...

  12. Heard a lot of people talk about this, but haven't try it out!!! =]

  13. 小影

    That's what makes me wanna try it out... hehe...


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