Friday, November 8, 2013

MediaCorp Subaru Challenge ~ The Asian Face-Off (26th Oct 2013)

The yearly MediaCorp Subaru Challenge ~ The Asian Face-Off is back, this is the 12th year. Went down Ngee Ann City to have a look.

Some pictures capture in previous year as in the following link :

Year 2012

Year 2011

Year 2010

Year 2009

Saw some photographer taking picture of the Vietnam Team  , so i took a picture of them too (with permission).

Car no. 1, 2 and 3 (10 regional contestants in car no. 3 ), are for regional contestants (Total is 90 regional contestants).

Total, there are 10 cars and 400 contestants (40 contestants to each car)

Before the start of the Challenge

Before the start of the Challenge

Before the start of the Challenge

China team

Getting ready to start the Challenge

VIP starting off the Challenge

Start of the Challenge

Public Challenge, this year they have a booth for Lost Paws and i'm not too sure what's the prize for the Lost Paws booth if the public took part in the challenge. As in previous year, they have 2 cars in the Subaru booth but this year they only have 1 car there for Public Challenge.

I took part in the Subaru booth public challenge and stand for 2 hours and got a bear and a notebook.


  1. good afternoon Sharon

    good afternoon everyone

    so what is this Face-Off Challenge all about??

    congratulations on winning the prizes!! :)

    have a great weekend ahead..

  2. Sonia

    That why i like the bear, hehe...


    Good afternoon...

    The contestants have to place their right palm on the car, whoever place their palm on the car for the longest hours will walk away with the Subaru car...

    I like the bear, so aim at the bear, hehe...

    U too have a great weekend ahead...

  3. Looks interesting!

    But can tell it's a hot day!

  4. 我发觉我似乎每年都有追随你报导这个比赛啊!:D

  5. I attended almost all the challenges. Made friends with some of the regular participants and past winners. :)

  6. Tough competition. I cannot make it if I join. I cannot stand the cold if it rains. :)

  7. Hi Sharon,
    That is quite a tough challenge!

  8. Hayley

    Ya, that day the weather is super hot...


    Hehe... Will drop by every year to take a look, hehe...

    East Coast Life

    So far i remember one of the regular Kacang, he also take part in it for a no. of years liao...

    For me, i also can't take it, hehe...

    Mui Mui

    Yes, it is a tough challenge...

  9. Every year you also blog about this event. You must like this event very much.

  10. Mun

    Ever since i know about this event, i will drop by to take a look, hehe...

  11. that would be great if can win a car :p

  12. Grace

    Only 1 person get to walk away with the car...

  13. Wow! That was an interesting event. I have seen many teenagers crammed inside a truck for days to walkaway with the truck. It was so smelly inside as some men had awful BO and armpit smell. Bluek!

  14. If someone pressed his palm on you, he could take you home just like the bear! Muahahahaha

  15. Twilight Man

    Didn't now about it if u did not mention about the truck...



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