Friday, November 29, 2013

Garden Cafe (10th Nov 2013)

After the walk at Country Garden Danga Bay, we went to Garden Cafe by CoffeeHouz for tea break.  Heard that this place just newly open one week at that time.

Cake @ RM8.90

Chicken Nugget @ RM6.90

Cappuccino @ RM8.00

After that, Catherine drop me at the Sultan Iskandar Checkpoint.


Before going back, i went to walk one round at City Square before going back Singapore.

Deepavali decoration at City Square

Saw this Lenglui soft drink which i saw SK posted before at the supermarket, but i didn't buy it.


  1. I have been to Danga Bay two or three times only.. and usually at night... that time we didn't eat there.. the cakes looks good and.. tempting!

  2. Cake looks good. Nothing more exciting than chicken nuggets? :(

  3. hello there Sharon, i'm so late today..

    oh, nice cake and the nugget also looks good.. nice combination, haha!!

    haiz, why didn't you buy the #lenglui coke back to SG and show your friends?? :p

    have a great weekend ahead :)

  4. Seems like a trendy cafe. I have still not seen one of these special cans yet.

  5. Claire

    The cafe quite new, so the cake not much variety also...


    Think new, so nothing much there, maybe after sometimes, see if they will come up with more things...


    Good morning...

    haha.. The cake, not bad, the nugget, they did not use oil but oven baked, hehe...

    At first thought of buying but in the end didn't buy as i hardly drink soft drinks, hehe...

    U too have a great weekend... :)

    Aris Min

    Yes, loves the place...


    The special cans, i have not seen any in SG, hehe...

  6. Good afternoon Sharon!

    I saw cola with #fuyoh tag here, but not #lenglui, hur hur~

  7. The cafe looks cosy. #lenglui coke!? Cool leh. Next time I go Malaysia, I will try to look for it. hehe....

  8. garden cafe,感觉就是很cosy!:D

  9. Hayley

    Good morning...

    Saw another wording, but can't recall what is it... hehe...

    East Coast Life

    haha... Do look out for it ya, hehe...


    Quite new, the place...

  10. the peacock decorations is so awesome!

  11. Deepavali decoration??? Thought should all change to Christmas decoration recently, hehe!!! =]

  12. Wenn

    Yes, it is...


    Maybe that time still early to change to Christmas decorations...


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