Thursday, November 14, 2013


It has been my habit to jog on either Sat or Sun morning at the reservoir near my house depending on the weather, but mostly it will be Sat unless it rain, then i go on Sun. The reservoir is a round circle, one side is housing estates and the other side, there are industrial area.

Normally those joggers that i met are familiar, some of them if they are friendly and they smile or said good morning, i will smile back or greet them back too.

Last Sat (9th Nov), as usual, i went for my jog and saw a malay lady, she struck up a conversation with me, so i start talking to her.  She mention that she works on alt Sat and on Sat, normally she will jog to work.  So i ask her, if she jog to work, she will sweat, she reply that she bring along a towel and that sat is half day.  After that we lost touch as for me, i'm not in a hurry, so i took my own sweet time to jog whereby she jog faster.  Before that she mention that hope to bump again another time.  I also hope to bump into her again.


  1. Good to make friends when jogging.. not so bored... :) Hope you see her again... or maybe meet others..

  2. good morning Sharon

    it's good to have the jobbing habit.. :)

    good morning everyone

    have a great day ahead!!

  3. Good morning Sharon
    Good exercise!
    Keep it up.
    Have a nice day

  4. Suituapui

    Pandan Reservoir...


    Also brighten up the day with greetings from others... :)

    Ya lor, hope to see her again...


    Good morning...

    Only bad is that have to depend on the weather... :(

    U too have a great day ahead...

  5. Elaine

    Good morning...

    U too have a nice day ahead... :)

  6. hahaha when will you be joining marathon ?

  7. I am fat now.
    I need to start jogging again.

  8. 我也喜欢jogging!可是因为平时睡不好,所以只能在星期日去jogging而已:)

  9. Good day Sharon!!

    Looks like a nice place~ It's indeed very good to jog weekly, I miss my jogging routine, hur hur~

    There's a place at Taiping called Lake Garden, very nice place to jog! Many people come and take photos here as well, next time if you come Taiping, must go there see see ;)

  10. Small Kucing

    If join marathon, i sure will be the last person to reach, hehe...


    Saw your pictures in FB, ok leh...


    I sometimes also don't sleep well...


    Good day Hayley...

    Is it the one that Claire post on her blog?

  11. Is great to have jogging habit, I like jogging too!!! =]

  12. Hope you get to meet her again when you go jogging.


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