Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy Land Cafeteria (10th Nov 2013)

It has been quite sometimes i went JB and also that i did not meetup with Catherine since June when i went over till now. Before that, i whatapps her if 古来-花果山 is very far away, as i saw in facebook my friend went there with her relatives not long ago. So Catherine brought me there, but on the way, we went to have our lunch.  She mention to me about the Nasi Lemak here which is nice.

This is the place that sell the nasi lemak

The stall

Nasi Lemak at RM4.50

We also order a salad you tiao, but we find it so so only

Salad You Tiao

Stall selling Ice Kacang

We ordered a Chocolate Ice-Kacang RM3.50, loves it very much as the chocolate and peanuts around it is so nice.

When we left, the coffeeshop is getting more crowded

Happy Land Cafeteria 欢乐园饮冰室 (Address, i got from website)
Address: 1-38 Jalan Pinang,
Taman Kota Kulai,
Kulai, Johor.


  1. Ok lah. Food looks ok only, nothing great. Must be soooo cheap for you!

  2. 孤傲的王子

    The ice kacang is very nice...


    There's another stall next door selling nasi lemak too, but i heard that this stall nicer, i don't know as i didn't tried the stall next door....

  3. good morning Sharon

    aww, you went to JB again.. and having good food there~~

    nice nasi lemak, but i think that chocolate ice kacang is even more interesting!!

    good morning everyone

    have a great day ahead.. :)

  4. Good morning Sharon
    Interesting..salad You Tiao and Chocolate Ice Kacang... looks yummy

  5. Good Afternoon Sharon. The weather is so hot today and I want to swim inside a bucket of ice water.

  6. You had a great time in JB ating nasi lemak, You Tiau Salad and Ice Kachang!!! I thought Singapore also have very good ones!

  7. Chocolate Ice Kacang...nice lo!!! =]

  8. SK

    Good afternoon....

    Ya, have not been there for quite sometimes, hehe...

    Find the chicken nicer than XXX, and i loves the ice kacang very much, yum yum...

    U too have a great day ahead...


    Good afternoon...

    Now i am starting to miss the Ice Kacang, keke...

    Twilight Man

    Good afternoon...

    Hot weather here too...

    Talk about this, now i am starting to miss it, hehe...


    The chocolate and the peanut around it is very nice...

  9. Happyland is a great name for a cafe!

  10. Happy Land, after dining there will become happier? xDD

  11. First time I see a chocolate ice kacang!!!

  12. The Yum List

    Wonder what makes them come up with this name, hehe...

    Small Kucing

    Not bad the foods there...


    Good morning...

    Hope will be, hehe...


    Me too, have not come across it before...

  13. Wahhh..., the chocolate ice kacang looks so inviting. Would love to try.


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