Friday, November 18, 2016

Whampoa Park Connector

There's two Park Connector, Whampoa Park Connector, which can be walk within walking distance from Boon Keng MRT Station and ends at Toa Payoh, or Kallang Park Connector, which ends at Bishan,  this round, we plan to walk Whampoa Park Connector, but when we reach the venue, it started to rain. We went to the nearby shelter and saw Selegie Soya Bean and thought we will have something light while waiting to see if the rain will stop.

(1) I had a curry puff ($1) and a Soya Beancurd ($1.20)

After sometimes, the rain did not stop, since the rain is not too heavy, we decided to proceed with the walk with our umbrella since we have made our way there, to turn away without walking will be disappointing.

(2) Start of the walk - Sungei Whampoa Canal

(3) The walking path

(4) McNair Towers

(5) HDB Flats

(6) Long gao (in hokkien)

(7) Random Picture

(8)Have to cross an overhead bridge to get to the other side

(9) Central Expressway (CTE)

(10) After crossing the road, we saw a Community Centre, we went there to rest for around 20 minutes since there rain, and when the rain stop, we proceed and on the left of the Park Connector, it's HDB Flats in Whampoa area.

(11) Sungei Whampoa Canal

(12) St Michael Bus Terminal

(13) Exercise equipment

(14) Whampoa Park Connector

(15) Malay Mosque - Masjid Hajjah Rahimabi

(16) The walking path

(17) Saw a Nursing Home

(18) Then saw that the sky is getting dark again, have to walk faster just in case it rain, and cannot walk around the place to see the surrounding.

(19) Sungei Kallang Canal

(20) Taken from the overhead bridge

(21) Taken from the overhead bridge

(22) Pan-Island Expressway (PIE)

(23) Taken from the overhead bridge

(24) Toa Payoh Swimming Complex

After crossing the overhead bridge, it's Toa Payoh Town Park, where it started to rain again, so cannot walk around Toa Payoh Park, have to walk to Toa Payoh Central to take shelter from the rain.


  1. Had a friend staying at Whampoa...and another at Toa Payoh. Used to sleep over with the one at Toa Payoh - 1973.

  2. Looks like SG also rain frequently... Look at the gloomy weather.

  3. Walking when there is light rain is cooling.

  4. The number 19 pic is very nicely taken.. the sky looks very fierce!

    1. Lucky reach destination, then start raining...

  5. Ooo. Taufu hua and curry puff. What a combination.

    Even the wet weather did not sampen your mood to walk and explore.

    1. It so happen saw they got sell curry puff...

      Unless heavy rain, no choice then have to cancel...

  6. When I was younger, I enjoyed walking in the rain. Long time haven't tried walking in the rain. I would love to join you but afraid I may not catch up with you.

  7. 你的豆腐花讓我的眼睛發亮啊!


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