Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Subaru Challenge @ Ngee Ann City (5th Nov)

The Subaru Challenge is back in it's 15th years.  During the Deepavali dinner at a friend house, friend (which i called her Sister), mention she's taking back in the Subaru Challenge.  Sister taking part in the Challenge, of course must go support.  On the day itself, i message Sister which car is she in and what's her number.  Sister reply that she last minute quit, as her big auntie came earlier than expected.  Since already on the way, go to support other friend taking part.

(1) Same venue, @ Ngee Ann Citty

(2) Registration counter for the contestants

(3) Baggage Counter for those contestants taking part in the challenge

(4) Subaru counter for taking part in the Public Challenge

(5) Public Challenge, for the public to take part and redeem prize, depends on the duration a person stands.

(6) Taiwan Team

(7) Thailand Contestant being interviewed

(8) Total, there are 10 cars, each car, there are 40 contestants

(9) Vietnam Contestants

(10) Not too sure which country they are from, just that i ask for their permission to take picture of them.

(11) Thailand Contestants

(12) Philippines Contestants

(13) Nickname Kacang, he has been taking part in the contest for quite a number of years.

(14) During the briefing time and the contestants may ask questions

(15) Briefing time

(16) Briefing time

(17) Briefing time

(18) A Contestant being interview, should be from Hong Kong from the accents he speak and also he speaks Cantonese. 

(19) Malaysia contestants 

(20) Getting ready for the Challenge

(21) Doing so stretching before the start of the Challenge

(22) Start of the Challenge

(23) Random Photo

(24) Random Photo

(25) Random Photo


  1. Good Morning Queen Of Zumba.

    It is raining right now. So cool. Yay!!

  2. This is a very interesting and funny post. Even big auntie came also you reported here! Wakakaka

  3. I had seen one Ford's Truck Challenge held in KL many years ago. Funny thing was the truck was filled with males & females who were not a team or even friends with each other. It was terribly tough to squeeze inside the smelly truck with the B.O. and all yucky sweats. Ha ha ha

    I wonder how they judged the winners for Subaru. Got next post??

    1. The person that last the longest in the Ford's Truck Challenge, cool...

      There's another post, but not so soon as have not write yet...

  4. I cannot stand like that with my hand on the car for many hours.

  5. Maybe next year you can join :)

    1. In the public challenge, ok, but not the challenge itself, i sure will be the first out... hehe...

  6. 你差不多每年都会过来支持呢!

  7. Must have been a very challenging event to stand like that for so many hours. No thank you to this type of event. Did you wait for the result?

    1. I went back on Tuesday for the result, hehe...

  8. I wish I could join you! It's nice to meet people like this. I am amazed by their determination. :D

    1. They have it every year and some of them, they were back every year for it...

      Wish you were here, hehe...


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