Friday, November 11, 2016

Bedok Park Connector

This round, friend and i attempted Bedok Park Connector.

(1) Start the Bedok Park Connector walk

(2) Flower Spotted

(3) Condo's on the left

(4) Construction on the right

(5) Another housing spotted

(6) Crossing a bridge

(7) On the right

(8) On the left

(9) Walking path, construction on the left, protected place on the right

(10) Banner

(11) Protected place, so the place is being fence up

(12) Construction going on there

(13) Finally got out of the construction area and waiting to cross the road to get over the other side.

(14) Sungei Bedok Canal, above is MRT track

(15) Sungei Bedok Canal

(16) The walking path

(17) Private estates on the left

(18) Exercise equipment

(19) Eastlink Light Industrial Factory 

(20) Sungei Bedok Canal

(21) The Walking Path

(22) Private estate

(23) Resting area

(24) Random Picture

(25) Then there came a overhead bridge to cross

(26) View from the overhead bridge

(27) Pan-Island Expressway (PIE)

(28) Coming down from the bridge, saw greenery

(29) HDB on the left

(30) First time manage to capture a butterfly on the flower

(31) Canal

(32) A fallen tree

(33) Greenery

(34) The walking path

(35) Condo's

(36) Stream

(37) End the walk by exiting on the above path

(38) Last picture before calling it a day


  1. Bedok, Changi side. I wonder why all these places that you go to are all so deserted. Not a single living soul.

    1. Usually, i try not to take pictures with people i don't know inside, they might not like it, then in the end, i might get scolded by those people for taking their picture...

  2. Sharon, if anyone ever put me in charge of designing a healthier lifestyle poster, you would be my model of choice! ^.^

  3. Some more walking! How much weight did you lose? LOL! I like the flower and the butterfly.

    1. What butterfly? Where got butterfly?
      I saw a yellow plastic bag! Muahahaha

  4. Good Afternoon Queen of Merlion City.

    The weather is so warm today. Rain please come.

    1. Good evening TM, the weather this cloudy this afternoon, thought gonna rain, but in the end no rain...

  5. You walked so much and saw only 2 types of flowers. Singapore got too many green trees - Nice & Healthy!

    1. There are also other flowers, but i didn't take all, hehe...

  6. You have so many choices for your walking path. They are so clean and well planned. Thank you for the photos. That is a very pretty butterfly and I like the orange flower.

    1. Yes, there are many park connectors in Singapore...

  7. Bedok. Look like pretty quiet and no cars there.

    So many park connectors. I dont remember how many you have been to.

    1. Saw some cyclists, i try not to walk those park connector that is within sights of roads, if not, if see bus stop, will be tempted to take buses and lazy to walk...

      I also didn't count how many park connectors been too...

  8. 一路上都有綠色植物,看了都讓人覺得安心舒服。


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