Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Subaru Challenge (8th Nov)

I was back at the Subaru Challenge on 8th Nov.

(1) When i reach there, i was curious how many contestants left, and also i was on the lookout for some friends who will be there. Saw my friend and ask him how many left standing there and was told 3 contestants left.  1 from the regional (Philippines) and 2 from Singapore.

(2) 2 males (1 from Philippines and 1 from Singapore) and 1 female (from Singapore).

(3) The challenge starts at 1pm on Saturday, the contestants will get a break of 5 minutes every 6 hours.  The contestant who have his/her palm on the car for the longest hours will get to drive away with a Subaru Car.  The runner up with get a cash of $5,000 (if i didn't get it wrong).

(4) Since the challenge is left with 3 contestants, the contestant with camera, marshal keeping a close look to see if his palm slips.

(5) While waiting, i went to play at the Public Challenge, walk to Ion Orchard, chit chat with my sister, was telling sister, if she take part, i will sure be there everyday to support and cheer for her, i only went on the first day which is Saturday and on Tuesday.  Finally the winner is out, he is Mr Sunawr Ali, total hour : 75 hours 58 mins.

(6) The Runner-Up, Ms Analiza Mokhtar

(7) A last picture of the Subaru Car before they return to the Company


  1. It must be very tiring for the contestants.

    1. And also swollen leg, some even swollen hand...

  2. Good Evening Zumba Queen of Merlion City!!

    Rain and heavy rains brought more floods to KL.

  3. Wow! This is getting exciting with 3 contestants left. What a clever advertising to make the public observe the car closely! This car brand is a good and tough brand which are popular in Singapore, Thailand and Japan. Sadly it is not popular in Malaysia which I have no idea why.

    1. Oh, i thought Malaysia is popular also as they do held a challenge there for contestants before choosing 10 to come Singapore for the challenge...

  4. Next year you should participate and win a car too!!

  5. Stand until swollen hands and legs! If can persevere to be the winner, then worth it. Imagine, standing almost 76 hours to win the car. I salute to the winner!


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