Monday, December 29, 2014

Orchard Road on Christmas Day (25th Dec 2014)

As usual, went to Orchard Road on Christmas Day.  Went after Christmas Church Service.

Chistmas Day also makes me think of few years back, when i was there, after coming out from the MRT station.  Friends and i were mentioning about switching our handphone to the highest ringing tone, just in case we lost each other, we can contact each other.  After walking for sometimes, we decided to go to a foodcourt nearby to have a drink where i realise my handphone was missing.  My friend called back my handphone number but it was switch off.  Must be pickpocket.  After which i didn't go at night to avoid crowds.

Christmas decoration outside ION Orchard

Christmas decoration outside ION Orchard

Christmas decoration outside ION Orchard

Christmas decoration outside ION Orchard

It so happen Magnum is giving out free ice cream

The Q

My free ice cream

Sign informing of the Road Closure


Preparation in progress for the night service

It was not so crowded in the afternoon as compare to the crowds when i went back in the evening.

Christmas decoration outside Wisma

Decoration above a bus stop

Decoration in Tang Building

Crowds outside ION Orchard


The other end of Orchard Road

Decoration outside Tangs

Saw this at Far East Plaza, have wanted to try, but thinking i have eaten an ice cream earlier on.  I decided not to try it out.


  1. I like the ION decorations.. and wow!! got free Magnum ice-cream to eat!!!

  2. 棒棒糖造型,看得我也很想吃喲!

  3. wow, you actually managed to squeeze into orchard! LOL! I wanna try that ice cream!!!

  4. I am going Orchard on New Year Eve 31st Dec

  5. I like those lollipops! Did you q up to get that ice cream too? I think no hor.. So crowded..

  6. Been years and years since I was there. Used to go every year, hang around Orchard Road. Too expensive now, cannot afford. Never seen that Magnum before, sure would love to try.

  7. still in holiday mood, hehe ^o^

  8. Been ages since I went to Spore and visit Orchard Road. Nice decor. Soon it would be CNY decor up. ^^

  9. SK

    I also like the decorations there... The Magnum ice-cream is nice, hehe...


    Only that it's crowded that day, so a bit difficult to take pictures...




    haha... Afternoon still ok, night will be very crowded...

    The ice cream is nice, wonder if it's out in the supermarket in Malaysia..


    Enjoy your New Year Eve at Orchard Road ya...

    Princess Ribbon

    The Q is fast, and i got it as in the picture posted, hehe...


    I saw it in the supermarket here, maybe it will be out in the supermarket over there later...


    Ya lor, guess most people still in holiday mood, hehe...

    Small Kucing

    Ya, hehe...


    CNY not so much decor over here...

  10. Didn't go ... trying to avoid the crowd!

  11. I love magnum ice-cream! Love the christmas decorations too!

  12. Very interesting, you managed to get the magnum ice-creams, must have tasted good.

  13. Wenn

    Magnum ice cream is nice ya...


    The Q is fast moving, so manage to get it and it's very nice, hehe...


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