Sunday, December 28, 2014

My cook

I have been seeing this tomato rice quite popular, so  i thought i will try it out too. I used ham and tofu that i can find in the fridge.  Since i have a century egg left, after the rice is cooked, i cut it up and stir it into the rice.

I saw this Fried Kway Teow instant noodles at a shop selling at $0.60 each and was curious about it, so bought 2 packets back.

Lucky i cooked only 1 packet as i added in some ingredients which i didn't take picture of it and share it with my mum.  First and last time i'm buying it as it's not to my liking.

When i saw Rose croque madamei was telling myself i will try out, but i made some changes, i toasted the bread in the oven at 180 degree for around 15 minutes.


  1. Good try for the tomato rice n is ur own version , adding century egg!

  2. yummy yummy!! looks delicious, especially the last one..

  3. Your tomato rice is very creative, looks nice too.. Yeah it's actually up to you to add whatever stuffs inside, sure good one !!

  4. LOL!!! You need more practice with the egg.

  5. I wanna try Tomato Rice, but somehow lazy, until now still not yet tasted :p

  6. Good morning Sharon,
    Happy feasting and Blessed New Year

  7. See, you are not lazy at all. You cooked so many things :D

  8. As long as yummy... Presentation is not important... I like tomato rice too....

  9. Momoco

    Me is fridge have what, just add, hehe...


    Thank you for the compliment... :)


    Thank you for the compliment... :)

    Princess Ribbon

    Usually, i have what in the fridge, add what, i don't like to purposely go buy and add in...


    haha... Ya lor, hehe...


    Do try it out, it's nice, sure u will like it...


    Good afternoon... Happy New Year 2015 :)

    Phong Hong

    Mine is easy easy items, hehe...


    Thanks... :)


    Me too, like it, hehe...

  10. Hi Sharon, I like your tomato rice with century egg. Should taste good. I will do the same too, whatever is in the fridge, will create something out of it, as long as it is yummy. Happy cooking.

  11. Nancy

    It turns out good, hehe... I don't like purposely go get something, prefer to finish up what's in the fridge first before getting new one, hehe...


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