Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ginger Drink

My cellgroup leader prepared ginger drink one of the night and i get to taste it.  I ask her how she prepared it and based on what she told me, i went to buy the ingredients and prepared myself.

She mention about Indonesia old ginger, but i only manage to get hold of Malaysia old ginger from the market, this two pieces of old ginger cost me $2.50.

And also a packet of Honey Rock Sugar

After washing the ginger, i sliced it and boiled in a saucepan for about 1 hour.

There it goes, my ginger drink


  1. Ginger's heaty. Can buy the dust to make the drink as well - add to make Indian ginger tea or lovely with soda and pineapple juice. My girl's favourite drink at Payung here.

  2. Oh yes you just need ginger, maybe pandan leaves and rock sugar or some kinda rock brown sugar.. Very nice..

  3. I like ginger drink. I prefer the fresh ginger drink. It has many health benefits.

  4. Ginger has a very refreshing taste and aroma.

  5. oh yeah, ginger tea with honey is nice.. and i have heard about the many goodness of ginger..

  6. me lazy to make it myself like you did, just get those in sachets from supermarket will do, hehehehehe!!

  7. haha i think my gf likes it too. not to say like it but rather it helps to relieve from bloating or even flu and cold..


  8. Suituapui

    Thanks for sharing... Will try it out one of the day...

    Princess Ribbon

    Oh dear, i forgotten about pandan leave, see how forgetful i am...


    So far this is the first time i try it out doing myself... As usually i buy the packet one, which i find not that nice...

    Phong Hong

    Yes!!! Yes!!!


    Same same, me also lazy, hehe...


    Thanks for visiting my blog... That what i heard about...


    Yes, it is...

  9. Grace



    Can't get the same taste as prepared by my cellgroup leader...

  10. Good Afternoon Sahron. It is drizzling now and cool. Nice to drink ginger tea! Make some for me!

  11. Opps! Sharon and not Sahron! (Soli ya!)

    What is the difference with Indonesian and Malaysian ginger?? I am so curious la! Thank you for buying our ginger and support our economy! Next time only buy Malaysian goods please! Muahahaha

  12. Ginger is great for warming. Hmm. What is the difference between Indonesian ginger and other gingers?

  13. Twilight Man

    Good morning, now weather over here is hot...

    What i understand from my leader is the price different and different country...

    haha... So far most of our vegetables here are from Malaysia, kaka...


    Heard it's different price and different country...


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