Wednesday, December 17, 2014

FeiFei Wanton Mee

This is a backdated post.  Went there quite sometimes back.  Heard about this Fei Fei Wanton, but have not tried before.

Had a quick snap of the stall, the guy was looking at me as i was snapping the picture, guess must be wondering why i was taking picture.

A bowl of Wanton Mee at $4, the ingredients was hidden below, first time i eat in this way as most of the Wanton Mee i eat, the ingredients is on top.

The ingredients consists of some char siew, 2 fried wantons, 3 wantons


My bowl after finishing the wanton mee, but the wanton mee is not very fantastic till that i will go back and eat it again unless i am in the vicinity .

Otah @ $1.20 each

Fei Fei Wanton Mee 飞飞云吞面 (Joo Chiat)
72 Joo Chiat Place
Tel : 6440 5013


  1. The noodles look nicer after you mixed everything together.. Looks good and you finished all, burrrpppp..

  2. The noodles like so different than the one I always have, this looks a bit thinker than that!

  3. at first I thot it's 肥肥雲吞 haha!! wow, you finished off the bowl clean and wanted to go back!! guess it must be so delicious.. :)

  4. The otah looks a bit funny to me though...I think I will go for the wan tan mee

  5. The wantan mee looks good after you mixed it all up and can see the ingredients.

  6. Princess Ribbon

    Ok only to me... But first time i come across the ingredients below, as usually the ingredients on top...


    Different from what i usually eat also...


    Unless i'm nearby there...



    Yee Ling

    I like this kind of otah...

    Phong Hong

    Usually what i had, the ingredients on top, this one, the ingredients below...


    Icic... hehe...

  7. Hi Sharon, I love otak otak but not easy to get otak otak in Ipoh.


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